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Sustainable Energy

No description

Richard Sun

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Sustainable Energy

A Sustainable Business Development
- Keep innovation, keep core competence, protect IP

- Strict evaluation and fair assessment

- Strategical, long-term collaborations with qualified partner

- Regulatory compliance

- ‘NAMI’ branding

- Nurture local industry
Soar Up!
-- business development plan to promote sustainable energy sector
Road to Sustainable
SWOT analysis - Sustainable Energy Sector
Looking for Collaborations
- Local research institutions participate at the project level

- Collaborations with applied research institutions in the Mainland and worldwide

- At the project level, research team works hand-in-hand with the industrial sponsors/partners.
& Production
Research &
Sales &
- Actively licenses out ready-to-market products and technologies to industry partners

- Participates in market analysis, fund raising, pilot-scale production and product testing

- Contract research projects (funded by industry partner, IP owned by industry)

- Spin-off mature teams as private enterprise, with funding support from different investors
Proprietary intellectual property rights
Innovative and excellent staff
Location (Mainland and Worldwide)
Government funded - stable for long-term strategy
Fill the gap between research and industry
Technology bottleneck (e.g. efficiency)
Long R&D cycle, low iteration speed
Lack of successful commercialization cases
Less pressure to develop profitability
Abundant funding: 15 projects, all of which with millions HKD
Upgrade of industrial technology
China: 12th '5-year Plan' and thereafter, 'energy revolution'
Promising applications: Building integrated PV, electric motors, etc.
Lack of local company as the industry key player
Depressed solar energy industry (excessive production capacity, impose anti-dumping duty, etc.)
Low investor confidence (DuPont shut down PV business)
PV Sector - Application Oriented
- Participates in developing portfolio of downstream partners (e.g. components, instruments, etc.)

- Provides technical support and advisory on the applications
Why NAMI special?

Thin-Film PV & innovative LIB

in HK, for HK

in HK, with China

Clean manufacturing process

R&D Centre of HKSAR

BizDev Plan?
Where is the opportunity?

Market leader with innovative demand

Niche market, value-added products

Govt long-term plan, massive market

Pearl River Delta Region

Continuous innovation capacity
Distributed electricity generation
& Building integrated PV

PV power station

Remote application, after-disaster energy

China's new urbanization

Consumable electronics
a-Si: relatively mature tech, low cost, good performance at weak light, flexibility

CIGS: efficiency 20% in lab, 15% in production

OPV: fabricated on flexible light-weight substrates

CIGS: abundant resource in China

OPV: lowest cost

LIB Sector - Application Oriented
LTO anode: fast charge/discharge, long cycle life, withstand harsh conditions

Flexible LIB

LIB with improved safety (self-shutdown)

Transparent LIB
A Win-Win Collaboration
UPS, Motors, Vehicle, Portable Instrument

Thin-film consumer electronics

Medical device

fancy consumable electronics, wearable device
- Technology provider & Long-term tech adviser

- Product provider & Application specialist

- Strict compliance with due diligence

- Industry-initiated projects and engage from early stage

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