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What is culture made of?

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kimberly jimenez

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of What is culture made of?

What is culture made of???
What is culture and what is it made of?
Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual regarded collectively. It is made of norms(rules of life), arts, beliefs, and people.
What are the norms (rules of life), arts, and the beliefs of the people in a culture?
There are 4 different types of norms and they can be very distinguished. It all depends on what culture you are researching on. Not only the norms change, but also their arts and their beliefs. Everything changes since not everybody has the same beliefs.
Example mexican people belief that "It does not matter how much you try, but that you do it!". Another example is asian people most of them believe in budah although budah is not actually a god but it is considered one since he wanted peace and armony in the world
The four different types of norms are: folkways, mores, taboo, and laws. They all have importance but some have a little bit more of the other. Folkways have less significance than the others. Mores are more significant than folkways and they have a small consequence. Taboo doesn't have much of a consequence but because of taboo many people suffer of bullying. Law is the last norm and it does have a mayor consequence.
Examples of each norm!!!
Folkways- eating in the living room, drinking from someone else 's cup.
Norms actually depend on the culture. Culture depends on beliefs. Beliefs is what people actually think about on what is good, bad, weird, wrong, and just because of what people think it makes up a lot !!!
What are the four different types of norms?
Mores- not cleaning the mess you made, not doing your chores, cheating in girlfriend
Taboo- cheating in spouse w/family member, looking for food in trash.
Law- wear seat belt, no driving while drinking, no texting and driving.
Norms are different in every culture and social structure, they have different beliefs!!!
notes from sociology
free dictionary in google
Kimberly Arredondo
Sociology 5th period
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