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Skeletal System

No description

Roshan Samuel

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Skeletal System

By: Ryan Lukose and Roshan Samuel The Skeletal System The components of the the skeletal system are..
- Bone
- Associated Cartilages
- Joints Components of the Skeletal System - It protects and supports the organs
- It provides a framework for the body
- Blood cells are made within the bones
- It stores minerals Major Roles/ Function -Bone Fractures - Bone Fractures are when the bone breaks, snaps, or shatters. In order to fix it, you can use pins and plates to hold the bones in places while it heals. Or if its not a serious fracture new bone cells will fill in where the cracks are.
- Arthritis - Arthritis is the inflamation of joints within the body. It makes it hard for people to move. But, medication can be used in order to reduce inflamation. Malfunctions of the Skeletal System The Skeletal system depends on the nervous system and the muscular system in order to function. The nervous system has the spinal cord and nerves which sends signals to the body and the brain that make the body move. The muscular system along with the nervous system is what allows us to move our bones and joints. If something went wrong with skeletal system many things could happen to the body.
- Too many or too tittle red blood cells could be made
Your bones may be weak and could be easliy broken
- Organs are less protected and susceptible to damage
Arthritis leads to limited functions
- If bones are completly broken you could use your hands or feet
Sources - http://www.mananatomy.com/body-systems/skeletal-system

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