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How does homework affect student athletes?

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Jess Damiano

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of How does homework affect student athletes?

By: Jess Damiano
How does homework affect student athletes?
My survey was conducted to see if/how homework affects student-athletes at Watertown High School.
The Survey
The results of my survey was that homework has a significant mainly negative effect on student athletes at Watertown High School.
The question that I was trying to answer was: is it possible to word a question in two different ways that are logically equivalent, but have much different responses?
The population for my survey was grades 9-12 and I used the cluster method.
To make sure it was random, I used a number generator on the computer after assigning numbers to flexes to choose my three flexes.
The majority of students who play sports have an average of 80 or higher in their core classes, many of them don't have time to do homework because of games, and they don't get a significant amount of sleep every night.
The answer that I found to this question was that if a student athlete has a game at night and has homework that same night, they are less likely to spend as much time on it if they just had practice or nothing at all.
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