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Wedd Bukhari

about me

wedd bukhari

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Wedd Bukhari

Is Wedd Bukari? Who is Wedd bukhari? The City that i was born on it, and it located on the West cost of Saudi Arabia I'm the oldest sun of my family, their are Two youngest brothers after me Wajdd, and Ahad. We are only Five members with my Dad and Mom Jeddah On 2008 i moved again to Newark,
Delawer. to continue studying my
major at University of Delaware. At that time
i discovered that I'm under depression When I came to U.S.A I came to the U.S.A to complete my education on 2006. I came to the U.S.A when I'm 20 years old.First i went to Seattle,washington to study English as second language. Survival WELCOME HOME The Unique thing about them they Born on the Same Date, month but different year. After a hard time with my
my major i decide to change
it to computer information system. Who....... Wedd Bukhari is near-impossible to describe to someone who hasn't been with him. As far as words go,
his personalty can tell people about him Where I come From? I come From K.S.A From jeddah city I was Born in Saudi Arabia on March-8-1986 Family It was a difficult journey with so many stops in different places. Music My Dad My Mom ME Ahad on 2007 i moved to Manhattan, Kansas to study medical technology at Kansas state university on 2010 I moved to James
Madison University to study
computer information system. on 2011 I moved to study at a community college after that hard time with depression, and universities I went to study at Northern Virginia Community College. Now I'm attending The University of taxes at Elpaso I survived this whole 6 years Because: my Family supported me I want to survive from depression God where there For me I don't like to quite Arabic Music Jazz Blues My Pets: Akasha Biggee Somoa R.I.P boy Attributes/characteristics: Friendly I like to be with people Good listener I'm there when a close person want to talk Motivator i like to motivate myself with any situation good or bad, and i like to motivate other to be more better Planner i like to plane for things before do it Goal-setter I put all my efforts to reach what i want even if i didn't reach it from the first time finish my bachelor Degree in 2 years. MY Goals Doing my Master work in big company in information system Get married in the next 2 years inspire people that life can't stop in one moment Strengths: strengths/ Weaknesses i don't like to surrender my family loving God and Obey him Weaknesses: My heart can't stop loving people. I can't heat any person I can't say No to people when they need me Thanks I hope You enjoy it..... Wajdd
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