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Renaissance Education

Denver Braun Evan Renz

Evan Renz

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Renaissance Education

Let me recommend the gentlewoman whose school we
spoke of: she teaches embroidery, reading, writing, and
dancing; for music you must pay extra. she has teachers
for singing and playing instruments. Anne Higginson, Letter to Lady Ferrers of Tamworth Castle,
England, late siteenth century Renaissance Northern Renaissance

Late Renaissance What's going on? In the Renaissance In England English Spanish War
Spanish Armada
Post Reformation
Colonies in "New World" Gentlewoman Embroidery, Reading, Writing, Dancing Tamworth Castle A typical eduction in England at this time! Opinions

Author approves of the value of Traditionalism Quotations opinion on Purpose Life of Anne Higginson 15oo's 1600's Bias of author Point of View Document 5 Document 7 Document 3 connections to other documents Let me recommend the school of the proper woman I spoke of. There she teaches girls embroidery, reading, writing, and dancing; for music you must pay extra. There is also teachers for singing and playing instruments Staffordshire Tamworth Some of the best works of art, music and literature was produced in this time
Madrigals appeared rapidly throughout England
Sir Francis Drake
William Shakespeare
Elizabeth I of England A huge revival in education was occuring in England in the 1500's. When Henry VII took the throne in 1509, he placed a huge emphasis on education, and it expanded exponentially. Becuase of the English reformation and the creation of the Church of england, education was no longer conducted by the Catholich Church, schools were mainly run by private foundations with variable degress of supervision by the Church and State. By the late 1600's, students were instructed in Rhetoric, Philosophy, both ethical and natural, and logic, as well as religious ideals (How to be a good Christian). English Education, in comparision to other European conutries was affected only weakly by the Renaissance.
Women were not allowed to attend University and if they were ever educated at all, it was through a private tutor at home. Manners and etiquette were of prime importance, including how to curtsey. Music, dancing , riding and archery were also taught. Royal girls were often sent away at a young age to another noble families household to be educated. Common woman were almost exclusivly uneducated, and whose only training was domestic in nature. "she teaches embroidery, reading,writing,and
dancing" To prepare them for marriage, and especially life in court "Let me recommend the gentlewoman whose school we spoke of" Wrote a letter
-Late 1500's - Moved to Massachusetts
? Died Born A Woman
A Noble Woman
A Noble Woman From England Anne Higginson was a Noblewoman, so she has had some level of education and experience herself. The fact that she is recommending this "Gentlewoman" means she probably had her own children educated and was pleased with the experience

This is an excerpt from a personal letter, most likely to a friend, which means she would not try to mislead anyone with her recommendation. Let me recommend the gentlewoman whose school we
spoke of: she teaches embroidery, reading, writing, and
dancing; for music you must pay extra. she has teachers
for singing and playing instruments. "Let the books teach her good manners" This document shares a common purpose with our document. Both documents discuss how to educate women in such a way as to prepare them for a life in court as well as in marriage. "sending their children to school, not only for learning the liberal arts, but also fear of God" This document also shares a commnon purpose with our document. The text creator expresses hhis opinion that the purpose of education is to prepare women for life in court and marriage and that invloved both liberal arts and a fear of God. " A courtier should be passably learned in the the humanists.... In this way he will never want for pleasant entertainment with the ladies." Document 3 shares a similar purpose to our document. It expresses the opinion the opinion that education is to prepare students for marriage and court life. Great Minds think Alike Paolo da Certaldo Isabelle d'este People of the Renaissance who share opinions on values and purpose. Group: Renaissance Nobility "At this time she also founded a school for young women" She founded a school in order to ensure that women were educated as well. She shares a appreciation for the value of a womens education. "If the child be a girl she should be put to sew..." Not Anne Higginson Not Anne Higginson, but a bit closer
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