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Part 2 Technology

No description

Caitlin Climes

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Part 2 Technology

Technology Today The Switch From Analog to Digital Analog Signal- the wave that is picked up
for the television signal is recorded in it's
original form. Digital Signal- a digital signal is picked up,
sampled, and only part of it is stored. When
using digital technology the data is stored in numbers and can be compressed by finding
patterns within the numbers. This way it is more efficient and you will always have the same wave. The newest technological advancement
in television veiwing is OTA HD. A reciever can pick up
both OTA HD and satellite channels. This is similar to
using a radio signal, except the signal is changed from
audio to visual and compressed into a signal that can be
transmitted. When it receaches a home, it can be converted
back into an audio and video signal.
Recently the OTA HD light frequency
has been broken up and is being sold for billions of dollars! This goes to show how valuable this frequency of light truly is. The Mystery of Wi-Fi Revealed The Basics-

The wireless adapter on a computer translates
data into a radio signal and transmits it, using
an antenna.

The wireless router recieves the information and
decodes it.

The router then sends the information to the internet. The Scoop on HD
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