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Narrative Poem

No description

Tiani Wada-Sonoda

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Narrative Poem

Narrative Poem
Definition of Narrative Poem
A form of poetry which tells a story, often making use of the voices of a narrator and characters as well; the entire story is usually written in metered verse.
A Ballad Of A Bachelor
By: Ellis Parker Butler
Broken Legg'd Man

By: John Mackey Shaw
"I saw the other day when I went shopping in the store
A man I hadn't ever, ever seen in there before,
A man whose leg was broken and who leaned upon a crutch-
I asked him very kindly if it hurt him very much.
"Not at all!" said the broken legg'd man."
This poem is an internal rhyme, which is a rhyme between words within two or more; lines within a verse. For example, store...before, crutch...much.
This poem is about a little kid who saw a man with a broken leg and asked him if it hurts. The man repeats and said "Not at all!".
"Listen, ladies, while I sing
The Ballad of John Henry King

John Henry was a bachelor,
His age was thirty-three or four.

Two maids for his affection vied,
And each desired to be his bride,

And bravely did they strive to bring
Unto their feet John Henry King.

John Henry liked them both so well,
To save his life he could not tell

Which he most wished to be his bride,
Nor was he able to decide."

This poem is about two ladies who want to marry John Henry King, but yet he cannot decide.
Element of Poetry:
Ballad: a narrative poem that has a musical rhythm and can be sung. Organized into quatrains or cinquains, as a simple rhythm structure, and tells the tales of ordinary people.
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By: Kellie Joto, Christina Carney, & Tiani Wada-Sonoda
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