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Emergency Medical Professions

No description

Irsa Moeez

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Emergency Medical Professions

Emergency Medical Professions
Job Tasks/responsibilities:

resuscitating and stabilizing patients;
using high tech equipment e.g. defibrillator;
applying spinal and traction splints;
administering intravenous drips, drugs and oxygen.

Life Flight Nurse:
Job Tasks/ Responsibilities:
Evaluating the patients ailments and/or needs
providing them with proper medical care and treatment until the patient safely reaches the hospital
Administering medication and/or injections to ease the patients pain & suffering
Planning and Preparing for flight missions

Types of Equipments/Instruments:
Cardiac Monitor
Collapsible wheelchair
Medical Kits
Stretchers and Boards
Oxygen tanks
Inflatable Splints
Blood Pressure Cuff
Airway Management Set
Spinal Collars

Required Education
Paramedic certificate or associate degree
Other Requirements
Pass National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exams

Educational Requirements:
Projected Job Growth
:(2012-2022)* 23% (all EMTs and paramedics)

Average Salary :
(2013)* $34,870 (all EMTs and paramedics)
Types of Equipment/ Instruments:
Educational Requirements:
Have at least 5 years of experience and a bachelor's degree
Emergency Medical Physician
•Resuscitate or stabilize patients and refer them to the appropriate medical departments.
• Emergency physicians must evaluate a wide variety of ailments, sometimes with little to no information.
• They must be able to think and act quickly to make a tentative diagnosis
• Determine the appropriate course of treatment.

This career field requires a medical degree, a medical residency and successful completion of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

The BLS predicts a job growth of 18% for all surgeons and physicians between 2012 and 2022, largely due to the nation's aging population and an ongoing proliferation of healthcare services.
Job Growth
Median annual salary of $200,941 for emergency room physicians as of December 2014
Job Growth/ Salary:
As of September 3, 2o13, PayScale estimates the median flight nurse salary to be $62, 817.
Over the next decade, the number of positions available for flight nurses is expected to see moderate growth.
Aerosled patient transport system—including folding ramp and clipdeck
In-built oxygen, compressed air and AC power
Full intubation equipment
Portable “Eagle Impact” ventilator
Portable suction
Various portable oxygen & air tanks
IV Infusion pumps
Cervical spine immobilization devices
Extrication equipment
Various other medical supplies including suturing equipment, catheters, NG tubes, IV cannula, and various oxygen masks all for adult & pediatric transports
Job Tasks/ Responsibilities:
Types of Careers:
Life Flight Nurses:
Emergency Medical Physician:
Job Growth/Salary:
What is an Emergency Medical Professional?
An emergency medical professional's primary focus is to provide advanced medical treatment for critical patients.
oxygen tanks
portable ventilator
Intubation Equipment
Portable Suction
Folding Ramp
Life Flight Nurses strapping in patient
leg splint
neck brace
Oxygen Mask
IV infusion pumps
collapsible wheelchair
oxygen tanks
First aid
Cardiac Monitor
Inflatable Splints
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