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The interlopers

A Short story by Saki.

D'Mario Edgecombe

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of The interlopers

The INTERLOPERS By: Saki Teaching and Analyzing; a Short Story Project About the Author Saki was a pen name for H.H.Munro
or Hector Hugh Munro.
Saki is a witty & mischievous British writer. Hector. Hugh. Munro Saki Plot Summary "The Interlopers" is a story based on two men, Georg Znaeym and Ulrich von Gradwitz, whose families have fought over a forest for generations. Ulrich's family legally owns the land, but Georg ( feeling it rightfully belongs to him) hunts there anyway. One winter & windy night, Ulrich catches Georg hunting in his forest. The two wouldn't shoot without saying their family’s honor, so they hesitate to acknowledge one another. A tree branch suddenly falls on each of them, trapping them both under a log. Over time, they realize the stupidity of there fight, and become friends to end. They call out for their men’s assistance, and after a brief period, Ulrich makes out eight or nine figures approaching over a hill. The story ends with Ulrich’s realization that the "interlopers" on the hill are actually wolves. Plot summary Pt.2 Basically, The two guys have had a family fued for ages. So one night Georg goes on Ulrich's property to hunt which Ulrich catches him and they both argue. As they're arguing a tree branch falls on them making them stuck. Each still arguing then Ulrich offers Georg his flask with wine and asks him to be his friend. Time goes on Georg forgives Ulrich and says yes. So then both call there men to help; figures come up, reluctantly Ulrich notices there wolves. THEME To me the moral of the story is to
put aside stupid fights and/or
arguments because they could lead
down the wrong path. If Georg and
Ulrich were not in the woods hunting
each other in order to claim ownership
on piece of land that their families
had been fighting over for ages, they
might not have met their maker or with
the wolves that night or even so soon.
Each man allowed this fight to consume
them even though neither man
really used this piece of land. By the
time the men were ready to put aside
their differences while trapped beneath
the tree, it was already too late.
Their rescuers which were not
people, but a pack of wolves. The moral
is to learn to compromise and resolve
differences before they lead to something
you wish never happened. Character Description Ulrich Von Gradwitz Ulrich von Gradwitz is a wealthy landowner. He has legal right to a stretch of land but he knows that Georg continues to hunt on his land. On the night the story takes place, he has a group of men to find Georg who he plans to kill. He considers Georg a enemy and calls him a forest-thief. After getting trapped under the tree Ulrich offers Georg some of his wine. He is the first one to put forth the idea of making peace. Ulrich is also the one who sees wolves approaching. Georg Znaeym Georg Znaeym comes from generations of small landowners who have refused to accept how the judges of the courts decide over a disputed piece of land. Georg calls the land Ulrich's "stolen forest." He later accepts Ulrich's offer of becoming friends, and speaks of the surprise this relationship will cause among the new found friendship. Important Quote:
“Let's shout for help,” he said; “in this lull our voices may carry a little way.” “They won't carry far through the trees and undergrowth,” said Georg, “but we can try. Together then.”
This tells us that the two are starting to get along, starting to communicate & that they are beginning to become friends. This reminds me of the similar times that I have had to work together with other people that i did not like that much but nothing under life or death circumstances like they are going through right now. THE END
By;D'Mario Edgecombe
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