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Mitaali Vohra

on 19 February 2013

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4. DRAWBACKS & CONSIDERATIONS INTERIORS I. INFRASTRUCTURE: INTERIOR PANORAMIC WIDTH What does it demand? THE SCRIPT Area chosen for the scene Scene to be shot on this table Reasons for choosing this side: 1. It is cut off from the main cashier area, where consumer traffic is the heaviest.
2.There is a counter top across from this coffee table that can be used as the cashier especially for the scene.
3. There is space behind the table that can be used for storage of equipment or
placement of wires.
4. Power outlets behind counter top (across from this table) and behind the table area - if required. IV.THE COUNTER TOP Scene background: Counter top: View of shooting area from the behind the Counter top: COUNTER TOP (CONTD.) IMPORTANT DETAILS:

- Coffee makers visible in the
background establish mood
and setting

-Outlets behind counter top
(if required for equipment)

-Floor space behind counter

-Distance from the shooting
area to the counter top: 4 ft.

-Room for Genny operator V. INTERIOR LIGHTING I. Soft Light: Bulbs covering ceiling of counter top II. Three directional spotlights above counter top INTERIOR LIGHTING (CONTD.) III. Tungsten Lighting by the Coffee Table -Tungsten lights by the table could cast a
an orange/yellow tinge on recorded footage.

-This is a small problem and high color temperatures can be looked after by white balancing in the start.

-We can also compensate for this, by either using gels on the lights or using incident light. V. CEILING HEIGHT Height Details: The ceiling height is 9 and a half ft. tall.
This is sufficient height to fit C-stands or any other lighting equipment
Would need to consider light placement under smoke detectors OTHER FACILITIES I. MAIN ENTRANCE DOOR 1 DOOR 2 Both Door 1 and Door 2 are a measured width of 3 x 7ft. This should be enough to allow equipment through and into the cafe, height and width wise. The script is dialogue heavy and entails a conversation between two people in a coffee shop

It requires a simple and generic coffee shop (coffee machinery, furniture, lighting and people), that allows an intimate setting

Does not necessarily need the whole cafe's space to shoot, but if the budget allows - this would be a preferable option

Does not need to accommodate any special effects or props EXTERIOR Exterior: Wide-shot/Establishing Scene II. NEAR-BY PARKING SPACES The Boston Common Parking Garage:

The scene calls for characters to be having a conversation outside the cafe.
To avoid the glare on the window glass, we would need either a glass replacement (plastic) or back light from inside the cafe. The corner we are planning on using for the exterior scene. I. LOCATION FOR EXTERIOR SCENE Parking spaces (Contd) NEAR BY PARKING SPACES (CONTD.) Parking Lot by 40 Boylston, 3.3 mi from location LOAD-IN BASE CAMP EMERSON CAFE 3 x 7 ft. MAIN ENTRANCE (CONTD.) Distance from location: 0.8 mi
NEAR BY PARKING SPACES (CONTD.) Parking Lot by 62 Boylston Street:

Distance from Location: Walkable
II. INTERIOR DIAGRAM - Area used for shooting
Orientation: MAP REFERENCES DRAWBACKS & CONSIDERATIONS The location is in the city center - this means shooting in a prime location with heavy traffic/crowds
There are no public restrooms in the cafe - might need Honey wagons to accommodate restrooms for crew and talent
The owners may not be willing to shut shop on the day of the shoot
Tungsten lighting will need to be worked around
Genny operators will be needed to supply power to equipment
Facing North Daniel Kahn
Matthew Lacombe
Mitaali Vohra
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