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Delivering Effective Speech

No description

Dhamirah Mohar

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Delivering Effective Speech

Rehearsing The Speech
Delivering Effective Speech
Know purpose of speech and expect questions from the audience

Listen carefully to the question asked by audience

Think before answering to the audience

Do not allow one person to dominate the forum period
Characteristics of Effective Delivery
Speakers should deliver their speech in the most natural way like a normal conversation.

Speak confidently.

Use vivid imagery to tap into the audience’s emotions and feelings.

Careful to use language that is appropriate to the audience, the occasion, and the subject matter.

Know how to control vocal delivery.
Characteristics of Effective Delivery
Highlight important points and show enthusiasm using your voice.

Use nonverbal behaviors to clarify your points;
gestures, facial expressions and body movements.

Gestures, facial expressions and body movements help to clarify the meaning of the speaker’s words and emphasize the speaker’s feeling.

All nonverbal behaviors need to appear spontaneously and naturally.

Effective Speech
Able to give a speech confidently and clarity while reflecting own personality at the same time.
Voice can reveal as much about personal history as appearance.
Clues can be provided to a person emotional state by content of speech and the sound of his/her voice.
e.g : a shy person may has a softer voice and low confidence level when speaking, where as a person who is loud may has a clearer voice and better self confidence when speaking.
Speech Delivery
Presentation of speech that has been researched, organized, outlined and practiced.
Relies on both verbal and non-verbal communications to deliver speech.
Why is it Important?
Characteristics of Effective Delivery
As a preparation to communicate with the audience
Fully understand on the topic to be presented to the audience
Develop high confidence level and enthusiasm during speech.
Vocal variety
Pronunciation and articulation

Able to deliver messages from the speech effectively
Nida Shafiqa Bt Mohd Zabidi
Nurul Farehah Bt Fisal
Nur Ain Bt Ahmad
Nur Hazwani bt Shaik Mohd Hashim
Dhamirah Bt Mohar
Elina Fazliana bt Zainol
Nuradila Bt Halim

Characteristics of Effective Delivery
Use good eye contact

Practice a good posture while speaking.

Avoid unnecessary random movements.

Avoid filler words: um, uh, sort of, like, you know.


Why practice a speech?
• Benefits you and your audience

• Aware of the behavior that you wish to change

• Reduce the unconscious speech habits : ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’

•Practice make prefect

3 options that speaker need to choose before rehearsal and choose only one and the decission will have an impact on the practice and how the speech is deliver.

 Word-for-word script: everything you have to said are fully written

 Cue or card notes: only the heading of the main ideas were written in order and key words to go along with it

 Memory: you trust your brain to memorize your entire speech

Word-for-word script

 The positive about using the word-for-word script is the safety net for a nervous and first time speaker

 The downside for this option is reading

Cue or note cards

 Using cue or note cards are better that the full size script because it is smaller

 You do not have to use a stand or blocked your view towards your audience

 The downside of using cue cards is obvious if it was not be prepare properly

Memorizing your speech

 The positives for devoting you speech entirely to memory is that you can meet the audience without any notes

 For novice this is not a good option.

How to rehearse: tips
Don’t easily get emotional while answering the question

Respond to the audience's question

Encourage the listener to participate
One: Reading Aloud
Read and repeat your speech out loud

Time the speech

Do not worry about expression or gesture

Two: Watching Yourself
Practice in front of mirror or video

Easier for you see the good, the bad and the ugly

Three: Delivery Demons
Habitual unconscious gesture

Speed when delivering speech

Pause in the wrong places

Cover your face with the notes

Four: Fixing the Faults
Take a deep breath

Do some diction exercises

Study about body language

Five: making notes
Mark on the cue card (stop, pause or stress)
Six: using humor
Make jokes at the right timing

Difficult to get it right

Seven: the dress rehearsal
Practice at the venue that you will be using

Wear the exact cloth you will wear for the event

If you use electronic equipment, make sure to rehearse with it

Ask friend or family to be your judges

Do not STOP if you falter

Repeat until you satisfied

Rehearsing a question and answer session
Prepare answers for any possibility questions and practice delivering those as well
Methods of Speech Delivery
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How to rehearse a speech. (n.d.). Retrieved July 4, 2015, from http://www.write-out-loud.com/howtorehearse.html

1. Memorized
Sound mechanical
Rarely being used by everyone
Put some expression in your voice
Time consuming to prepare
2. Manuscript
Sound mechanical
Audience will get bored easily
Highlight some key points
Know the sequence of your point
Speaker lack of spontaneity
3. Impromptu
Spontaneous speech
You should think about what you are going to say
Secondly, you should know your main point
Next, find good examples that can support your main point
Lastly, a conclusion to end your speech
No time to prepare
4. Extemporaneous
Perfect balance of impromptu and memorized speech
Being well prepared
Using some note to refer - micro note
Rehearse aloud the speech
Memorize key point
This method require practice
Delivery : Act of delivering / distributing something (as goods or mail)
Delivery is often viewed as synonymous with public speaking itself. Delivery can make a big impact on an audience in ways that you may not intend. Also important to delivery are overcoming anxiety and setting the tone of the speech, which includes thinking carefully about your language use and the style of your speech. In order to perform at your best, you must practice, paying attention to your signposting, your delivery, and your overall style. Finally,
speakers must uphold a level of ethics in their delivery by not using language that denigrates(belittle) others and respecting time limits.
Advantages and Disadvantages
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