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emily meacham

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Camouflage

How does camouflage in various living things differ according to the environments in which they live?
It can differ depending on the colours and textures of the environment that they live in. For example, if the plant or animal lived in a forest then the colour of the living thing may be lots of different greens and browns so that it can blend in with the leaf litter, where as if it lived in the desert it might be yellow and brown to blend in with the sand.
What could happen to camouflage if the environment in which the plant or animal lived in changed in some way?
The colours, textures and hiding techniques of the plant or animal would all have to adapt to the new environment so that they still work efficiently in disguising the plant or animal from its predators or prey. If the camouflage of the living thing was unable to adapt, then the plant or animal would have a lot of difficulty in surviving.
Camouflage is when a living thing blends into its background to hide from its predators.
How does camouflage help living things survive?
If an animal is trying to sneak up on its prey camouflage can help by making sure the prey doesn't see the predator, This can also work in reverse so that the prey can hide from the predator.

For example, stick insects are shaped and coloured like sticks so that they blend in with the trees or bushes that they are living or hiding in.

The chameleon can change colour so that every time it goes into a new environment the colour of its skin will be the same as its home or hideout. This is a good example of camouflage.
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