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No description

kelly kenney

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Batman

Introduction: Special Elements surrounding Birth: Special Elements surrounding Birth: Special Mission Special Mission Desire for immortality Desire for immortality Sidekicks Sidekick Archenemy Archenemy Tragic Flaw Tragic Flaw Bravery, Courage & Superhuman Strength Bravery, Courage & Superhuman Strength Divine Help Divine Help Desire for Immortality •Adad gave him courage

• Shamash endowed him beauty
•2/3= god, 1/3= human Robin
Jim Gordon
Alfred Pennyworth Enkidu
-sent by Aruru
-outlet for energy
-defeat Humbaba During the quest for everlasting life:
Kills lions
Passes Mount Mashu guarded by man scorpions
Crosses the waters of death with the ferryman Urshanabi Batman is a worldwide known comic book character made into movies and tv shows. Batman is a fictional character, created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. It is written in modern time in a fictional Gotham City. Gilgamesh was the King of Uruk. Batman and Gilgamesh both differ and have similarities being Tragic Heroes. A tragic hero is the main character in a tragedy. They are usually born with special elements, they go on special missions, they sometimes have a desire for immortality, they have sidekick along with archenemy's, they have a tragic flaw, they posses bravery, courage and superhuman strength, and they get divine help. Does have a desire for immortality
Desire comes about after Enkidu dies No desire for immortality
Only wants to keep town safe Fear
After Enkidu dies he states “"Enkidu has died. Must I die too? Must Gilgamesh be like that?"
Enkidu gave him courage Human
He is not a “perfect” superhero
Won’t be able to join society again.
“There will be a day when Gotham no longer needs Batman but there will be a day when you no longer need Batman.” Batman was born as a human orphan boy named Bruce Wayne
At a young age he witnessed his parents’ death which changed him majorly; he decided to join the League of Shadows and become a vigilante.
Unnatural powers: his intellect, detective skills, technology, riches, physical fitness and hate for crime Intellect and physical fitness
Sidekicks that help him in detective work with technologies, emotionally, and in battle
Technologies- bat-mobile, bat suit
He defeats many master-minded villains which can attest to his bravery, courage and strength. Gilgamesh’s ultimate quest or special mission throughout the epic is to search for immortality. Batman’s quest or mission is to kill criminals or people who are harming innocent people. Gligamesh’s has many archenemies
The Bull of Heaven
Ishtar Some of Batman’s archenemies are:
The Riddler
Scare Crow
Poison Ivy. Gilgamesh uses the divine help from Shamash and he is also part God which gives him supernatural strength. Batman does not have supernatural help, but he does have a lot of money, which enables him to use high- tech weapons. His butler and sidekicks also assist him emotionally and in battle. By: Kelly Kenney, Lindsey Zanzalari and Jessica Szoke
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