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Final Project

No description

Nicole Wong

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Final Project

Wong Wing Yung , Nicole 133062
Chau Ka Yee, Chloe 133190
Tang Yan Yin, Creamy 133178
Tam Sik Wai, Siva 133075
Ma Chi Ho, Frank 133101
Yeung Ka Lai, Polar 133082
Tsang Ka Ho, Marco 133239

Disney Management Principle and Concept
The Strengths of Disneyland
The Problems of Disneyland
Analysis of the strengths and problems
Supporting References
Disneyland Management Principle
1) Make Everyone’s Dreams Come True
2) You Better Believe It
3) Never a Customer, Always a Guest
4) All for One and One for All
5) Share the Spotlight
6) Dare to Dare
7) Practice, Practice, Practice
8) Make Your Elephant Fly
9) Capture the Magic with Storyboards
10) Give Details Top Billing
Disneyland Strength
During work periods:

drinking water and bringing water bottles

- Only
15 minutes break in every 4 hours
Other Disneyland -

15 minutes break in every 2 hours

Arrangement of having meal:

- Combining their dinner times and break times

- Dinner
before 6p.m.
then work
till midnight

Abuse Worker
Final Project
Disney Management Concept
-To Dream
-To Believe
-To Dare
-To Do
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Physiological Needs:
A person's needs for
shelter, sex, and other physical requirement.

Safety Needs:
A Person's needs for
from physical and emotional harm
Related Concept
Strategic Management Process
Related Concept

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Herzberg's Two Factor Theory

Problems of Disney
-'Smile Factory'
-Abuse Worker
-Unfair Job Pay Rate
-High turnover rate
Unfair Job Pay Rate
Related Concept
Equity Theory
Same job post, Different pay rate
eg. $2000 difference in salary of same post (20%)

Same pay rate, Different level of work

A rise of salary of a small proportion of employees
High Turnover Rate
According to the Hong Kong Disneyland, since its opening in September 2005, the no. of headcount maintains at 5,000, and
the turnover rate of its staff is below 25%
. The figure, however, is relatively higher than its major competitor Ocean Park at around 10%. Disneyland said more training will be offered to their staff in order to motivate them to give more entertainment and laughter to customers.Meanwhile, a survey conducted between March and May by the Disney Cast Members Union of 470 of more than 5,000 staff found that 63 % were
unhappy with management,

complaining mainly of unequal treatment
and what they saw as
unfair work distribution.
The staff wanted the Hong Kong Disneyland in line with those at Disney park in Florida, where staff can be accompanied by union officials at disciplinary hearings and have access to independent arbitration. Additionally, in August, for the first time, union representatives were allowed to attend disciplinary hearings involving staff, said Elaine Hui Sio-ieng, organizing secretary of the Disney Cast Members Union, who hoped that more progress could be made at a meeting with management. Greg Morley, director of human resources at Disney, concedes that the handling of labour disputes at the theme park has not always been ideal, but insists that it is a problem management is getting to grips with and taking steps to improve.
South China Morning Post from 12 Sept.07.
Related Concept
Human Resource Management
-Human Resource Planning

Smile Factory
The company ask the employee to smile in front of the customers for
a good impression

Employees felt like
being put into a show
as they have to smile everyday

But people who always smile
are considered to be suspicious
so the employees
are not willing to do

Problems indicated:
It shows the
lack of internal communication
between the top and lower levels of employees

There is
a conflict
between the shared values of company and the common beliefs of the employees
Step 1: Identifying the organization's current
, and
Step 2: Doing an
Step 3: Doing an
Strategic Management Process
Step 4:
Step 5:
Step 6:
The theory that an employee
his or her job's
input--outcomes ratio
with that of relevant others and then corrects any inequity.
Equity Theory
Human Resource Planning
Have the

of people

in the
right places
, at the
right times
, who

are capable of

performing heir tasks.

Management Of Disneyland
Related Concept
input-outcome ratio
Abuse Worker
Strengths of Disneyland
1.On-the-job Training program
2.Fulfillment of Social Responsibility
3.Employees Benefit
On-the-job TrainingProgram
Fulfillment of Social Responsibility
Employee Benefit
-Overtime Payment
-Free Entry for Disneyland
-Medical Card
-Having 20% off for purchasing any items in Disneyland
-Examination Holidays
Employee Benefit
-Disney leisure center (E.g vollyball court, swimming pool)
-Lunch ticket for kitchen Staff ($25 for each set)
-Travel monthly card (only for full time worker)
According to the
Employment Ordinance
, employees who work at the same company up to 4 weeks and work over 18 hours each week can benefit from it.
Hong Kong Disneyland arranged the work hour
less than 18 hours
each week to evade responsibility.
No labor protection for
part-time employees
Herzberg's Two Factor Theory
-Distributive justice

-Procedural justice
the work of every job post.

stating and monitoring the salary and compensation of every job post.

3. Providing
of any rises of pay rate openly.

Supporting reference
The Disney Way
Problems of inequity:
lower quality of output
lower sense of belonging of employees
Recommendations and Improvements that can be made

some rules that
restrict the employee's freedom and rights

some compensated programs or plans to
relieve the employee's anger

more about
the needs, habits and the culture
of the workers
- To
prevent misunderstanding
upper and lower levels of organization
Abuse Worker
-The costumes are
too heavy for them

-The materials of costumes
are not suitable to wear in Hong Kong
because of
different climate
Organizational Culture-

- Dimensions of Organizational Culture

- Weak Cultures

Introduction to Management and Organizations-

- Functions Manager's Perform
Organizational Culture
Dimensions of Organizational Culture:

People Orientation

Can't fulfill it

When the top levels make any decisions

Do not respect the lower level employees needs

They also have personal feelings

May not be able to do that

These actions make employees feel unhappy

Can't fulfill People Orientation

Form a volunteer team named “Disney VoluntEARS”.

- Encourage all
5,000 entertainers
to join this team

- Organize volunteering activities regularly
(Example: movie showings for underprivileged children and guided tours of green workshops)

- Result: more than
30,000 hours
of service time each year. Recycling nearly
7,000 tons
of waste paper, plastic and food waste.

Program with Agency for Volunteer Service
- To encourage people to participate in volunteer work, if they fulfill more than eight hours of work, they could get a ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland for free.
- Result: more than
40,000 people
had participated. Total of
350,000 hours

Future plan
- Besides children, environmental protection and volunteer work, they will further expand to help the young people to achieve their dreams, promote creativity.

Fulfill Social Responsibility
Disney University
- It offers more than
100 instructor-led programs
to all cast members
, including the Operations and Professional Teams.

As a full time cast member, they can receive an average of
35 training hours per year
to help them excel in their career.

(Classes example: Time Management,
Disney Traditions Training,
Communicating Effectively in
the Workplace)

“DU Learningland”
- To provide a wide variety of self-learning materials. There are about
1,000 collections
cluding Disney feature films and books.

Emerging Leaders Program
- To help employee develop for future leadership roles at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The six-month program focuses on developing their core leadership competencies.

On-the-job TrainingProgram
Related Concept
Human Resource Management
Related Concept
Social Responsibility
- a business’s intention, beyond its legal
and economic obligations, to do the
right things and act in ways that are
good for society.

Green management
- managers consider the impact of their organization on the natural environment

the employees feeling before making any decisions

It helps to
maintain the culture
their happiness

The employees can trust their company
1. Realistic Job Preview(RJP)
A preview of a job that provides both
positive and negative information
about the job and the company
-know the real job situation
-decide to enter the company or not

2. Establishing staff hotline
Staff can
report unfair treatment
or any hard feeling to counselor
-reduce the negative emotion
-understand their situation

Related concept
Other Physical Needs:

-Lack of toilets

Other Safety Needs:

-Lie to the Labour Department about the working environment of workers

No labor protection for part-time employees

Hygiene factors: Factors that elimate job dissatisfaction , but don't motivate.
Details about working environment:
Manager's Perform
High turnover rate:
-Unhappy with management
-Unequal treatment
Unfair work distribution

Related Concept
Compensation and Benefit management
According to Disney's ''Smile Factory'' strategy
(Van Maanen, 1991, cited by Matusitz, 2009)
Four Management Functions:

Planning Organizing Leading Controlling
The whole process cannot run smoothly because of the problem occurs in

The managers can't
establish right strategies
to achieve goals ( ignoring employees feeling )

A chain reaction is created

The policies can't be implemented correctly
How a Weak Culture created:

The company wants the employees to smile

The employees
don't think that is suitable

creates the conflict
between them

of employees towards the common beliefs decrease

identification and connection to the shared values and behavior

Weak Culture created
Organizational Culture
Hold more different programs
and functions to help employees understand more about the company

Create the sense of belonging
to the company

They can understand more about their job
Indirect Compensation:

Can further improve employees' well-being
Can enhance employee's sense of belonging
Can help build a socially responsible corporate image
Enhance the employee's productivity and satisfaction towards the company

May not have great motivational power
Comparison between Ocean Park
-The compensation system maintain both
internal and external equity.

-Have Job evaluation
(E.g Job ranking method , Job classification method)

-Having Compensation and Benefit Survey
The working environment are
not hygienic
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