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Curriculum Interview Presentation

Presentation over research article

Samantha Parker

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Curriculum Interview Presentation

Curriculum Analysis What is Curriculum? What are your thoughts on this definition of curriculum? Traditional & Planned
Hint of society
What about the individual? "A specific blueprint for learning that is dervived from content and standards. It can be anything [including] subjects such as math or science [or even] bullying [prevention]" What happens when... You make the implicit curriculum explicit? Beware!!! The "demands to solve the problems of society unwilling to bear its burdens where they should properly be shouldered" have overburdened schools. ~Counts Curriculum Development The Small-Town Side High-Stakes Tests And Standards Food for Thought "Together we are dedicated to educate students to become productive members of society" ~VH Webpage The driving force for curriculum writing Curriculum alignment
Fast-paced curriculum
Mediocre as passing "Funding depends on the scores" ~Potter Curriculum only reviewed once every 4 years
No specialized curriculum director
Few stakeholders
Little funding
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