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on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Athena

Goddess of War and Wisdom
Family of Athena
Zeus and Metis
Athena was very smart, wise, brave, and fierce.
Athena's Birth
Athena had a very odd birth. This is her story.
When Metis was pregnant with Athena, the older gods warned Zeus that he would be in trouble if she gave birth to Athena, so he swallowed her whole. When it was time for Athena's birth, she sprung full grown out of Zeus's head, dressed in armor, and had a spear in one hand, and a shield in the other.
Athena and the Story of Athens
One time, a city was looking for a god to watch over it. Athena and Posieden both wanted the job, so they had to impress the city by giving them a gift. Posiedon struck his trident into the ground and made a river that came in through the ocean. The people tasted it and saw that it salty. They did not like it so they let Athena present her's. She gave them a olive tree which could be used for
building houses, and eating, so they picked Athena's gift. She became the goddess to watch over the city. Posiedon was furious and caused a flood in the city. They named the city after Athena. The city was called Athens
Athena's Roman Counterpart
Athena's Roman name is Merniva.
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