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Superman Vs. Megamind

No description

Victoria Constable

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Superman Vs. Megamind

Superman Vs. Megamind Does Metro Man look familiar? Who is Megamind?! Megamind is intelligent, bald, seeks power, and wants to take over Metro City..... Roxanne Ritchi is a reporter who is a supposed lover of Metro Man however Roxanne is actually a strong independent women who seeks to save her city from the evil mastermind Megamind after Metro Man is "killed". Who is she? Roxanne Ritchi is indeed none other than the famous Lois Lane!!! He is Lex Luthor!!!!!!!!! Bottom Line. Movies like Megamind that have clear representations of Superman within them are popular because people enjoy the story of SUPERMAN! Superman is so ingrained in people's mind that they do not mind watching remakes of their favorite heroic figure story over and over again. Who wants to watch Megamind knowing all of this? What does this remind you of?
So, these characters are obviously from Superman but what about the story line? Good Vs. Evil
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