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Bella Luna

A great place to eat.

Aidan Workman

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Bella Luna

Directions History Harry Stephens (owner) Born in the Bronx
Italian Family
Family owned their own Italian restaraunt
Started with Harry's Diner in Northern Kentucky
43 years of experience in restaurant business
FUN FACT: Has a degree in theatre from NYU History of Bella Luna - Has been open for nine years
- Located on Eastern Avenue by Lunken Airport
-Motto: "Italian-Like it Should Be" Growth -Resturant has grown
because of alot of hard work
and dedication.
-Bella Luna gains customers
through networking and
word of mouth.
-The owner says that their
competition isn't other
resturants, it's themselves.
-Bella Luna breaks their own records and is dedicated
to having a sucessful business.
- Bella Luna also grows because they are constanly
reinventing themselves. Mission Bella Lunas mission is to provide a comfortable and
personal enviornment that doesn't compromise,
creates a unique experience, and consistently provides
excellent food as well as service.
Mission on Website "Have you ever been to a resturant that was just too stuffy?Well, our resturant is just the opposite. Bella Luna Resturant serves authentic Italian Food in a non-traditional setting, where we're never in danger oftaking ourselves too seriously." Goals -Stay open in Cincinnati for three more years

-After three years, Harry wants to take his experience in the resturant business and move down to the South

- In the three years in
Cincinnati, Bella Luna
wants to continue to
grow, try new things
and get more customers Food -Antipasti (Appetizers)
-Insalata (Salads)
-Pasta e Salsi (Pasta Entrees)
- Piati Della Casa (Meat and Fish Entrees)
- Zupa (Soups)
- Deserts
- famous for bread pudding
Bella Luna changes their menu every few
months to keep customers interested and to
keep things fresh. Dining -Bar with seating
- Dine in
- unique atmosphere
-Carry Out
-VIP Dining Program
- Exclusive program for frequent
diners Events - Mother's Day Brunch
- Live Music on weekends
- Easter Brunch
- Half Price Wine Wednesday
- Part of Taste of Cincinnati
- Frequent Events Ambience - The set up of the resturant is very spread
out and not stuffy with two, large dining rooms. Dishware
-All different kinds of dishes and silverware
and wine glasses
-Unique because not all the dishes match Colors
-Blue is the prominent color which gives a calm
and cool vibe.
-There are also some yellows and oranges scattered throughout
Ambience Bella Luna is a very nice resturant where you would wear
something nice, but at the same time it is
not too serious.
Service -The service at Bella Luna is one of a kind
- Hostesses are very welcoming and genuinly happy
- Servers are knowledgeable and attentive
- There are no uniforms but the workers wear nice
-Workers seem actually happy to be working at
Bella Luna
Website Also, there are many different kinds of lighting from table lamps to floor lamps
and overhead lighting. All the different light fixtures accentuate the warm and
cool colors throughout the resturant.
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