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Copy of Liesa's Orthotic & Prosthetic Workshop Presentation

No description

liesa persaud

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Liesa's Orthotic & Prosthetic Workshop Presentation

Why TheraTogs?
When to "Tog"
Which TheraTogs?
Get Started
Get Help
Wear it. Live it. Learn it.
In My Own Practice...
Trunk & Core Stability
Functional Joint Alignment
Flexible kyphosis or lordosis
Flexible-joint malalignment
Forearm pronation or supination
Flexible thumb or wrist deviations
Self-stimming behaviors
Difficulty focusing or paying attention
In-toeing, out-toeing, or windblown gait
Core & Posture Stability
PTA System
Full Body System
Gait & Mobility
Fine Motor Skills
Improve Your Practice
Wrist & Thumb
Sensory Processing
Lower Extremity
TogRite Strapping
Clinical Starter System
Coordination deficits
Balance deficits
Scapular UE malalignment
Staggering or ataxic gait
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Brachial Plexus Injury
Cerebral Palsy
Down Syndrome/ Trisomy 21
Multiple Sclerosis
Prader-Willi Syndrome
Sensory Processing Disorder
Spastic Diplegia
Spina Bifida
Traumatic Brain Injury
SPD-based Toe Walking
Fragile X Syndrome
Posture Stability
Improve postural alignment and control
Improve hip stability
Limit excessive trunk motions
Improve functioning alignment of shoulders
Gently stabilize scapulae
Improve respiration hindered by flexible kyphosis
Gait & Mobility
Improve functioning alignment of hips & knees
Address LE alignment issues due to ligament laxity
Fine Motor Control
Improve functioning alignment of trunk, scapulae, and shoulders
Improve wrist & thumb stability
Restore the palmar arch
Reduce flexible ulnar deviation, forearm pronation or supination, elbow flexion or extension
Sensory Processing
Increase body awareness
Provide tactile and proprioceptive input
Calm patient behaviors & increase patient attention
Stabilize core, pelvis and legs
5 infant sizes – worn OVER diaper
Embedded Velcro tabs = easy fitting & donning
NEW: Iincludes limb cuffs & straps
Stabilize core, support proper posture
3 pediatric sizes
Simplified “get started” system
Easy fitting & donning
Stabilize core, pelvis and extremities
Address gait, LowEx, or UpEx issues
3 pediatric + 7 adult sizes
Unlimited strapping combinations
Address alignment & functional deviations @ hip, knee, femurs & pelvis
Support hip & pelvis stability
Address LowEx ligament laxity
Improve wrist and thumb stability
Restore the palmar arch
Reduce flexible ulnar deviation
Attach to Full Body system for comprehensive UpEx control
Wearable hug provides continuous sensory input
Postural support for hypotonic clients is built-in
Simple, easy system – similar to PTA

1.5”, 2”, and 3” widths
Available in 10 yd & 25 yd rolls
Use wherever muscle is needed!
NEW! Infant, Pediatric, & Adult Systems
Each system = multiple sizes
Use in-clinic to:
Improve compliance
Try on clients
Teach caregivers
Experiment with strapping
Support reimbursement
This Week
This Month
• Hypotonia is a good ‘starter’ indication
• High-compliance client
• Committed caregiver
• Posture and core issues first!

Get a Loaner from Clinical Support
• Trial a simplified system for 45 days – FREE
• Train caregiver well – KEEP IT SIMPLE
• Record outcomes, note improvements
• Respond to Loaner survey
• Return Loaner to TheraTogs

Pick Purchase Path
• Need Reimbursement? Contact O&P Centers
• Out of pocket? www.theratogs.com/buy

Select for Success -- Pick the right Client
Certified TheraTogs Fitter
• EXCELLENT instructors
• Multiple course levels
• Hands-on practice
• Professional CEUs
• Certification benefits

Clinical Support
• All aspects of product use
• Phone & email support
• Webcam sessions by appointment
• Clinical professionals & trainers – not salespeople

Connect with us
on Facebook
• Direct Q&A with the company
• Interact with peers & caregivers
• Technical answers to common questions
• Clinical Support – 1 business day

Customer Support
• General product information
• Order status
• Purchase options

Information Resources
• www.theratogs.com
• Product documentation
• How-to DVD’s (Full Body, PTA)

Hours of therapy a day
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