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Copy of Copy of Project Organization

No description

Minnesota History Day

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Project Organization

Title Thesis Background Information Build Up Short Term Impact Long Term Impact Main Event/Argument Context of where your topic fits in with the bigger picture Setting the stage 1-3 sentences that argue a main point, include all of most of the 5 W's, the significance in history and relation to the theme. What are you trying to prove? Who are the major players and what are they up to? Events leading up to the turning point. More specific to your topic than the background information section What issue needed to be resolved? Who was involved, and why?
What outcome did each side want? The heart of the project.
The Turning Point Who, what, when where, why? Immediate reactions to the main event shortly after it happened What changed? Who was affected? What outside circumstances are going to affect your topic that we need to know about? Why is this topic important in history? What is the long term significance? What were the intended and unintended consequences? What is the main focus? What is the solution to the problem? Did the solution work? What are the conditions before the turning point? Prove that changed happened after the turning point How can we see impacts of the turning point today?
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