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Integrative Marketing Communications Plan

No description

Heather Baxter

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Integrative Marketing Communications Plan

Primary Competitors:
Burger King
An Integrative Marketing Communications Plan
Competitive Analysis
Brand Analysis
Operates over 6,560 locations worldwide
Mission Statement:
“Our promise is to only use the freshest ingredients to create the best tasting food for you. Quality is our promise and our recipe”
Quality, freshness, philanthropy, family togetherness
Brand evolution
Market Background
Campaign Challenge
To increase Wendy’s brand awareness
To identify and market towards a specific target market
To differentiate Wendy’s from its competition
To increase Wendy’s fast-food sales as well as in-store and online traffic
To increase overall market share

Target Market
This yearlong campaign has a budget of $6 million.
Positioning Strategy Statement
Our promise is to only use the freshest ingredients to create the best tasting food for you. Quality is our promise and our recipe.

Our promise is to provide you and your family with a warm environment and a feel good dining experience founded on fresh, quality foods.

To promote the Wendy’s brand and build awareness through various media platforms
To engage with consumers and encourage consumer dialogue
To communicate to consumers that Wendy’s products reflect fresh and quality QSR foods
To attract contemporary families into Wendy’s by encouraging them to share experiences and moments in a welcoming and social environment
To keep the primary focus on brand experience and the secondary focus on product lines
Serve families the freshness and quality Wendy's has built its reputation on
Provide families with an environment to share moments and make memories
Wendy’s association with family values
Products will be presented visually in a fresh and made to order way
Families will enjoy fresh not frozen together
Appeal Technique
Positive appeal technique while incorporating the family lifestyle appeal, creating a bond between the brand and the products available
Tone & Style
All messages will be positive and clear with a contemporary, light-hearted tone
Print and online media will focus on product imagery and fresh looking innovative meal deals
“Eat together. Stay together.”
“From Wendy’s family to yours.”
“Wendy’s. Celebrating Canada, celebrating you.”
Example tagline for a Canada Day Event

Advertising Plan
Sales Promotion Plan
Online & Social Media Plan
Events & Public Relations Plan
Wendy's will execute three events during this campaign:
Wendy's Family Day Everyday!
Summer Frosty, Canada Day Celebration!
Wendy's Presents From Our Family To Yours!
Personal Selling Plan
Seminars for all staff levels to introduce the new Wendy’s experience, its associated IMC campaign and implementation
Restaurant managers will be responsible for training their own staff and refreshing their knowledge
Market Background
Marketing Communications Plan
Creative Brief
Media Plans
Sales Promotion
Online & Social Media
Events & Public Relations
Personal Selling

Secondary Competitors:
Tim Horton's
Marketing Communications Plan
To differentiate the company within the fast food market
To engage consumers, drive traffic into the restaurants, stimulate sales and build market share
Primary Target Market

Matriarchs of young, middle class families
Secondary Target Market

Millennials between the ages of 18 to 34. These young men and women are young, working business professionals
Marketing Mix
Traditional media advertising
Sales promotions
Online and social media
Events & Public relations
Personal selling
Creative Brief
Central Theme
Media Plans
Campaign Flights
Priority Markets
Reach, Continuity & Frequency
Primary message:
Focus on family values, spending time together with family and friends, sharing special moments, meals, and creating memories
Correspond with Wendy’s family (brand) and the brand’s legacy created by Dave Thomas
Strong brand/customer relationship

Secondary message:
Original, made to order, fresh, quality food

First flight:

Start strong with the presence of all media forms
First two months = increased spending
Advertisements will be tested and assessed.
Second flight:
Start at the beginning of June and will last throughout the summer
Wendy’s will introduce the Family Meal Deal
Third flight:
Start at the beginning of November preceding the Christmas holidays and will support The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
National campaign
Large emphasis on key Canadian urban markets, such as Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver
Reach as many Canadians as possible within our primary and secondary target markets
Brand/customer relationships take time and effort, therefore continuity and frequency are important.
Advertising schedule will be more frequent around the designated holidays.
To promote Wendy’s, build brand awareness and loyalty
To drive targeted traffic into Wendy’s Canadian fast food locations and encourage trial and repeat purchases
To stimulate an increase in short term sales
To communicate Wendy’s promise of fresh and quality food and drink products
To highlight the importance Wendy’s places on family values, shared experiences and a welcoming environment

Where's Wendy? Contest
Require a licensing agreement with “Where’s Waldo” corporation
Printed contest maps
Outline of Canada and its provincial boundaries
Backside - Where's Wendy scene
Provincial stickers
Attached to food and beverage packaging
One of four messages
2015 KIA Sportage (x3), Family Canada Wide VIA Rail Trip (x5), $500 cash prize (x10), $25 Petro Canada Gas Card (x50), Product prizes (x10,000)

Family Meal Deal & Game Night
Food and beverages for a family of four
Able to combine family favourites in one combo meal
Cross promotional effort with Hasbro Games
Inexpensively priced for families to play in-store and at home
Separated into 3 sections
Lower Level: 4 Sides
Middle Level: 4 Main Meals
Top: Beverage Tray
Trial Loyalty Card
Offered with the purchase of any combo meal
Cardboard card to be stamped
Buy 5 meals, get the 6th one courtesy of Wendy's
Require trade promotion deal with Coca Cola
Financial support in exchange for advertising
Printable Online Coupons
Add printable online coupons to website
Remain competitive
Consumers feel more in control of their Wendy's experience
Designed and updated regularly
Reduces company costs, printing fees fall to the consumer
Why Incorporate Social Media?
Current social media platforms appear to be disconnected
Displays a consistent and authentic message
Encourages consumer engagement and on-going dialogue
Support promotional events and provide consumers with relevant information in order to facilitate consumer engagement and reinvent the brand experience
Encourage brand engagement through participation of events/ campaigns
Blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment
Speak to customers in their language
Build relationships
Forming Consumer Connections
Event 1: Wendy's Family Day Everyday!
Wendy's family (Managers, staff and volunteers) invites the public and their families
Wendy will host an open skating event
Sunday February 15, 2015 (Day before family day) between 11am-5pm
Toronto Harbour Front
To engage the public with the Wendy’s brand, values, products, and promotional sales
Event 2: Summer Frosty, Canada Day Celebration!
The Wendy's family (Managers, staff and volunteers) invites the public and their families
Wendy will host a Frosty picnic party for Canada Day Celebration
Saturday July 4, 2015 (Saturday before Canada day) 11am-5pm
Vincent Massey Park, Ottawa
Expose the public to Wendy’s values, new Frosty product lines, and enjoy a family friendly experience
Event 3: Wendy’s Presents from our family to yours, Happy Holidays
The Wendy's family

(Managers, staff and volunteer members) invites the public and their families to participate
Wendy's will host a two week long fundraiser in support of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
November 15, 2015- December 15, 2014
All Franchise restaurants across Canada
To reinforce Wendy’s values, increase adoption awareness, reinforce the brand's positive image and secure financial support
Company Retreat Weekend and Employee Training
Post Seminar Follow-Up
“Wendy’s Experience” educational booklet for training new employees and evaluating existing ones
In-Store Dialog Cards
Each store will be provided with examples of employee/customer dialogs
Employee Poster Boards
Posters with employee reminders of excellent customer service tips
Best Location Contest
Customers will vote on the best Wendy’s location
Employees will be rewarded as a team
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