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Legalize It!

No description

Jasmine Matar

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Legalize It!

Marijuana Legalize It! Facts about marijuana! Smoking marijuana a few times daily can help ease a type of chronic pain. Alcohol and cigarettes are ten times time more harmful than marijuana . First of all, marijuana is not addictive. And secondly, it doesn't harm you as much as alcohol or tabacco does. I don't see any reason it shouldn't be legalized. There are already so many people in canada that grow-possess-sell and smoke marijuana and make huge profits. If goverment would tax it like cigarettes and alcohol, we would be able to get over the economic crisis. Of course, we're going to put limits on the age and quantity for marijuana use, so there should be no worry of that. If so much money is being used to stop it from coming in and there's still an abundant quantity left, imagine how much money we would be making if we did legalize it. It's going to bring the economy back and plus with companies growing it, it would eliminate the foreign cartels, thus making the world a little bit safer. I see no reason for it to be illegal. Marijuana serves many purposes, yes its a drug and no it does not kill you. Marijuana is not a harmful drug as many people think that, as of current time there have been no records that Marijuana was the cause of death!! Wow! hard to believe? Yes, but its true. Marijuana has many uses and would help the economy greatly if it was legalized!. What is Marijuana? Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in Canada. It is a dry, shredded green/brown mix of flowers, stems, and leaves of a hemp plant . A stronger form of marijuana called hashish (hash) looks like brown or black cakes or balls. The many street names for marijuana include pot, herb, weed, grass,Marry Jane, reefer, dope, and ganja ect.

Marijuana is typically smoked in rolling paper, joints or spliffs, hollowed-out cigars, blunts, pipes ,bowls, or water pipes, bongs. Some people mix it into food or brew it as a tea. If there was a classification of "safe" drugs, marijuana would top the list. What does smoking Marijuana do to you? It can make you notice small perceptual details that you didn't before -- colors get more vivid, that sort of thing. It can also create a mild euphoria and a sense of silliness, as well as a mistaken impression of beauty or artistic or philosophical significance. And it can cause the "munchines" -- a powerful desire to eat. It gets you high! But depending on the person it has a different effect on everybody so there is no actual explination for it! Im not trying to encourage you to smoke weed or become a pot head, I am just tring to make a point, that point being if ciggarettes and alcohol are legal why shouldn't marijuana be? If it does not effect you I don't see what is so wrong with it.
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