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Group presentation

No description

Susy Echeverria

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Group presentation

Genetic blueprint Vivienne, Chase, and Susy Social consequences
of genetic blueprint *Resources come from Beijing Gene institute(BGI, Shenzhen, China) Genetic sequencing Genetic analysis Genetic blueprint DNA screening
Genetic diseases
Prenatal test Positive aspects Social implications Negative aspects 1. Eugenics
Nazi Negative aspects Genius sperm bank “Genius sperm bank” (1980-1999):
Escondido, California
Donation from Nobel Prize laureates or genius people DNA screening
Potential diseases
Increase the practice of abortion Abortion Detect potential diseases Prenatal test: non-invasive Medical early warning
Future treatment
e.g Phenylketonuria http://www.edu.011088.com/article/biology/material/200802/3045.html Select desirable genes or traits
Avoid genetic diseases
Improve the quality of plants GM food http://decryptedmatrix.com/live/gmo-alert-top-10-genetically-modified-foods-to-avoid-eating/ Conclusions New molecular techniques
Ethical implications
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