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Copy of Engaging Web 2.0 Tools

Ryan McCallum | Technology Integration Specialist | Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools

Philly Li

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Engaging Web 2.0 Tools

09-10 Final Year Project Presentation DL2 : Indoor Location-based Game
Attention | Time spent paying attention Total learning time O b j e c t i v e s Source: bloom's taxonomy and the digital world VSExploder = Mobility * Interaction * Excitement Implementation Video Demo Game Story Game Features Technical Challenges Game Structure Overview 1. human-to-human multiplayer game platform which involves players' physical movement Presented by:
Chau Chun Wai(Vincent)
Ching Ngai Ying(Helen)
Li Fei Lee(Feli)
Wong Ching Yu(Karen)

Supervisor: Prof Dik LEE
Overview & Objectives
Game Features
Video Demo
Techincal Challenges
Outline Weaknesses of existing LBG: 1. Make use of GPS

2. Do not maximize strength of LBG
a multi-player indoor LBG free of above weaknesses, using Wi-Fi technology
2. mini-games of different styles
3. presentable graphical interface and realistic sound effect
4. reasonable, connective story that brings excitement
1. Disconnection problem

2. Accuracy problem 1. Mobility
2. Mini-games
3. Interaction
stores location rules
records statics of AP‘s RSS
keeps a score rank of game
localizes mobile devices

interprets information from localization algorithm
updates user interface
controls connection and communication among players‘ devices handles interaction with players sound effects
background music
2D graphics
animations Tools sending
Multi-player mini-game Communication

One player's machine will both be the host and the player
To centralize gaming information
Testing 1. Localization
Signal Strength all over playground

2. Communication
Correctness of objects transmission

3. Game Controller
Unit testing
Integration testing
disconnection from host
host: periodical polling
players: send an empty packet to host
Conclusion Bomb Bomb disposal team Hints Tools warehouse Stop Explosion Terrorists Game Logic Graphical User Interface Communication Localization Wi-Fi Database Graphics Audio determines position of players facilitate information sharing among players Client-server model: Mission:

developed a LBG
- creative
- exciting
- multiplayer
- story-based

convert to J2ME for mobile playing
advance with more animations Achievement: Future development: 1. Background music &
common sound effects
Adobe Audition 1.5
fade-in, fade-out
2. Verbal hints of a character
recorded orally fade-out Problem:
positioning error
accept discrepancy during tool searching 1. Images
2. Animation
3. Painting mechanism 3D-like 2D images
Posterization effect Evaluation

Comments from 25 testers:

fresh Q&A Thank You frames of images
timer Animation Images Painting mechanism Audio
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