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Influence of Music Presentation

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hermisha washington

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Influence of Music Presentation

Influence of Music Presentation
My Favorite Artist Is.......
R&B music has had a major impact on America, for individuals of all ages. Many other styles of music have incorporated R&B in their music. This has resulted in unity between different cultures.

Phase 2
There are many styles of music in America ranging from rock music to hip hop. There are currently 39 genres of music, with sub-categories that fall under many of these forms. This diverse option of music has help shape America's culture in many ways.
Music and American Culture
In conclusion the radio and other forms of media that promotes different styles of music, has influenced social behavior because people tend to follow whatever style that's in. The lyrics and videos that are in music focus on things that are "hot.' This causes society to respond by following the latest trend until something new comes along.
Rock & Roll
Hip Hop
Music has changed the way we dress.
Music has changed our views on politics
Music has United Nations
Music played over the radio provided America the opportunity to gain insight on different cultures. On air we are all equal. Music has provided unity in our culture.
India Arie
India Arie is a R&B songwriter in America. She has won four grammy awards and has sold over three million records in the United States. Best known for the song entitled "I am not my hair," Ms. Arie teaches young women that you are beautiful no matter the skin you are in.
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