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career shadow

by Blake

Luke Douglas

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadow

Career shadowing By Blake Bryant well I career shadowed Bill Horn at my church Hi Hi Hi Hi well how this company is going green is by turning off all lights when not using. They also try to recycle things that they have already used and can be used again. nunber 11 This business is a church. number 1 number 2 This provides worship services, discdiplesship, and religious education to christians. number 3 Christians our the main customers.
To tell people about Jesus and grow in faith. number 5 number 5 It would proble have more members... about 20,000. number 6

average salary is about 40,000 dallars... The education number 6 the avarage salary is about 40,000 dallars... The education needed would be a high school diplonma. 11 1 3 2 6 number 4 4 5 number 7 computers, networking, sound systems, T.V. camras, digital recordings, digital photograph, video projecktion, internet streaming. HI HI HI HI HI HI HI U rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 number 8 youn need to have the ability to play an intermet. You also need to be able to sing. Also to be able to prepar music for a band to have a good band. you need to have a good knowlage of the internet. Finally you need have goosd comunication skills, management skills. Finally done... takes u so long to get things done Blake. 8 number 9 Yes becouse I like music and I want to help out god whenver posible 9 Number 10 I like this job becouse it includes music and many good things for god. I sometimes would not like this job becouse you have to keep in conact with a lot of people. 10 10
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