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Mini Cooper Media Plan


Neeti Gupta

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Mini Cooper Media Plan

Media Plan
Mini Cooper
Our Target is - NOT NORMAL
The Big Idea
Neeti Gupta
Ivan Ayala

Brand History
Launched in the UK in 1959
Gained extreme brand recognition after appearing in the 1969 film, The Italian Job
Purchased by BMW in 1994, name changed to MINI
Brand voted 2nd most influential car of the 20th century
Most sold British car of all time
AIM: Bring in prospective customers to Mini car dealerships
Identify potential Mini buyers
Media Tactics
Try the key at the dealership
Build an online community of fans growing tomatoes and love Mini Cooper
Target Audience
Females and Males
Age: Generation Y 18 to 35 years old.
Moderate-high levels education
Disposable income, US$75,000+ HH
Urban dwellers
Single or Married without kids
Value community and social relationships
Fun, energetic, easy going,excited to try something new
Where is our target?
Maximize Reach
Sell more stuff
A. Product, Price, Place
B. Competitive Analysis
C. Media Plan
Marketing Objective
Media Objective
Who are we talking to?
Competitive Analysis
The 3 P's
Mini offers seven different versions, but the top four models account for 90% of all sales.
Mini Hardtop .
MSRP 20,400 - $32,000
Mini Countryman is 4-door model.MSRP $22,700 - $35,550
Mini Convertible 2-doorMSRP $22,150 - $32,050
Mini Clubman . MSRP $25,800-$33,000
Mini Dealers:
There are currently more than 100 US MINI dealers. They are primarily located in major metro areas and some other select cities.

Mini’s are sold through major third party online sales companies such as Cars.com, Autotrader.com, Carmax.com, Edmunds.com, Carsdirect.com, and KellyBlueBook.com to name a few.
Mini Cooper Dealers
Increase Market Share by 10% compared to 2012
Increasing brand awareness and demand by 20% in the marketplace, thereby driving sales both in dealerships and online.
Our target audience is throughout the USA, but mostly in URBAN areas.
Socially and environmentally conscious
Motivated by new experiences and self-expression

Seek variety & excitement, the off beat.

Avid consumers, spend high proportion of their income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing.

Their purchases reflect the emphasis that they place on looking good and having "cool" stuff”.

Media channel preference: Internet & magazine
We will employ :30 spots on:
Network TV:
Late Night Show -Jimmy Fallon
Modern Family
The Office
NBC Sports Network
Big Bang Theory
Two and a half Men
How I Met Your Mother
Prime, Late Night and Live Sports (Monday through Sunday)
Average rating of 15.0
Mainly late night with limited Prime time (Monday through Friday)
Average rating of 3.0
Syndication will deliver 864 GRPs (36GRPs/wk)

Network TV will deliver:
GRP's over the course of 24 weeks:
Prime time - 960 GRPs (40GRPs/wk)
Late night - 864 GRPs (36 GRPs/wk)
Live Sports -672 GRPs (28 GRPs/wk)
Total: 3,360 GRPs (140 GRPs/wk)
Rolling Stone
Sports Illustrated
GRP’S Over the course of the 24 week campaign:
Syndication will deliver 864 GRPs (36GRPs/wk)
Network TV will deliver:
Prime time - 960 GRPs (40GRPs/wk)
Late night - 864 GRPs (36 GRPs/wk)
Live Sports -672 GRPs (28 GRPs/wk)
Total: 3,360 GRPs (140 GRPs/wk)
US Weekly
Display and Video Advertising

Facebook Ads

Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo Ad Center Ads

Re- Targeting Campaign for Mini Cooper Website

Email Marketing
For online marketing we are going to use:
Premium placement, Above the fold units on homepage
Ad networks will also be utilized to place display and mobile ads
Most new car owners are heavy Facebook users because of the ease of sharing pictures of their new car with family and friends.
PPC campaigns targeting new and used car buyers
Employ a display re-targeting campaign for consumers who have visited Mini Cooper.com or any car website
Mini Cooper will be featured in affiliate newsletters. Affiliates include car sites and blogs.
Monthly budget distribution based on 10% of 2012 estimated annual U.S. sales of $1.5B
Media schedule
Mini Monthly Media Schedule for TV, Magazine, Digital and Out-of-Home from March 2013-2014
Combination of billboards, posters & bus shelter displays in select 10 major urban markets
Broad Reach
Effective For Image Building & Brand Awareness
High Impact and Prestige
Ability To Command Attention
24-hour exposure
Use for"big idea” Mini Box Display
Total budget of our media plan is $150 M
Percentage distribution of $150 M
Launch a contest and tie it to Earth Day
Give away Mini Lucky car keys at the OOH display
Get a Tomato plant and photo opportunity
Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share photos
Giving away 5 Mini Cooper in the contest
The contest Money has been accounted in the OOH budget
Micro-site to register promote the contest
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