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Social Media for Public Relations

Lecture on using social media for public relations using my past experience of success. Presented to Marquette University 2012

Mandi Lindner

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media for Public Relations

Twitter: Lead Generation & Relationship Building Lead Generation Promotion Relationship Building Social Media
Public Relations Facebook: Relationship Building & Self Promotion Relationship Building Self Promotion B2C
Encourage Engagement
Encourage fans to tag themselves
Reply to comments and questions MOST
IMPORTANT! Social Automation
Blog Posts
YouTube Videos
Rule of Thumb: Use Sparingly GOAL: Drive Engagement! YouTube: Engagement & SEO Engagement SEO Submission-based Contests: Users create content for you
Social Sharing: Users more likely to share interesting content
Organic PR: Produce good content and media comes to you Embed videos into your web properties
Backlinks in videos
Video keywords
Social Sharing Pitching for a PR Home Run "I saw your [story] on [topic] and thought you'd be interested in [pitch]." e.g. Process vs. Event, pop culture tie-in, etc e.g. Publicity stunt, interesting content for uninteresting story 3 paragraphs: intro, pitch, unique selling point
Save background info for later
Winning Subject Line to capture attention Have Available: interviewees, audio visuals, credible experts 1. Send Email, 2. Send Email, 3. Call with Pitch Relationship Building: Read & React
Connect on Social Media Tips from Michael Smart PR Blunders Used worldwide trending topic to promote clothing line #McDStories used as Bashtag Assignment Lake Geneva Canopy Tours 1st Anniversary Capture reporter's attention! To: Reporter of your choice (make one up)
Pitch: Unique Selling Point (stunt, expert interviewee, free zip, etc. How can the reporter get a hold of you to follow-up? ProTip: Don't reference previous emails until they bring it up B2B
Tagging other businesses in posts
Shows up on your/their wall News & Press
Media Placements
Specials & Discounts
Announcements Sometimes the three are symbiotic Self Promotion 1. Grab Target's Attention 2. Pitch Non-Obvious Angle 3. Create Story Where There Isn't One 4. Keep Pitches SHORT 5. Do the Legwork for Reporters 6. Never Call to Follow-Up an Email 7. Get on Their Radar 1. Creative Subject Line 2. Intro & Pitch 3. Contact Info Email It!
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