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Copy of Economics (Oil Market)

No description

Anna Husein

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Economics (Oil Market)

Definition of oil market
Value of oil ...

Countries with the largest share of oil reserves, (producers of oil)(exception of the United States
and the Russian Federation), are underdeveloped countries.

Demander & Suppliers
Oil Market
Factors affecting demand &supply
>Price changes depend on the quantity and quality of the oil.
>Natural disasters, Transport Costs and Location also contribute to supply.
>Demand impacts how much oil is imported into a country.
A market that produces and delivers oil.
one of the most needed product in the world economy, the needs of it are increasing each year

interact with other markets (currency, stock, investment, labor, etc.)
Reasons for drops and peaks
>Peaks are when the maximum rate of oil extraction is reached
By: Anna Guseynova
Value of oil
Geo location of oil
Global demand
Russian resourses
Oil Today :
is on top of the life cycle and has a high level of competitiveness.
it contributes to economic growth or causes the onset of the recession.
Oil prices
and anticipated supply
demand ratio
and costs dynamics.
Key factors
We need to face it, as a nation we have a reliance on petroleum

The correct orientation in world market prices, help to negotiate with a foreign partner, as well as avoid overpayments in foreign trade.
The oil price depends on:
war in oil producing regions
storms and accidents
suddenly emerging technical problems
political unrest

It should be noted that the price of oil forms under the influence of the global supply and demand.
Price chart ''Brent" oil company
grams gold
As an overall trend, it is clear that the price was increased fairly rapidly until gently fall in 2009, that followed by dramatic increase.
reached a pea
The largest exporters are

Market demand has increased over the year by 0.8% according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).
World oil demand as its production exceeded pre-crisis levels and reached a record high value.
Global Analysis
South America
Latin America
Nearest East
Russian Resourses

The analysis showed that oil consumption is reduced 6 years in a row in the advanced economies of the maximum 12%.

the BRIC countries( Brazil, Russia, India and China), especially China and India are actively expanding consumption.
Oil usage
usage of oil in developed countries
usage of oil in BRIC countries
Russia has
significant hydrocarbon resources
powerful fuel
energy complex
, which is now the basis
for the development of the economy,
an instrument of domestic and foreign policy.
Oil and gas industry are
one of the most
areas of investment
in the modern world
Selected technical and economic indicators of the Russian oil industry in 1995-2012

Problems and solutions
What we need for the development of the field and display it to the level of industrial production?
time ( at least 10-15 years)
Money ( at leas several billion dollars
The initial required amount of investment is significant, with the average rate of return on investment at
the level of 12-15%.

In this regard, there is a need to reform the Russian oil industry and the prospects of introducing modern exchange mechanisms:

1. exchange as a mechanism for an objective determination of equilibrium oil and oil products price by independent market entities;

2. futures market of oil contracts - an instrument of pricing and determination of price targets, defined by the market for the foreseeable future, with its inherent price risk insurance instruments;

3. oil reserve commercial stocks of crude oil and petroleum products under the operational control of the state required to strengthen the regulatory role of the state in the oil market.

Thank you for your attention!
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