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30-60-90 Day Sales Manager Plan

No description

Robin Sullivan

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of 30-60-90 Day Sales Manager Plan

30-60-90 DAY SALES MANAGER PLAN DAYS 31-60 DETAILS DAYS 61-90 DETAILS DAYS 1-30 DETAILS Send an introduction email to staff
Plan and executive goals and objectives and conduct introductory meeting identify sales and retail teams
Learn names and something personal about each staff member to begin to build positive relationships and teams.
Learn and understand challenges in meeting goals and objectives or issues facing customers and employees
Stack ranking of team members; identifying gaps, weaknesses and opportunities
Identify Top and Bottom performers, partnering both levels of performers as a mentor/coach Meet with Business Leader (direct report) to review and assess first 30 days
Become more actively involved with all accounts for growth and referral opportunities
Visit all sales team members to educate and develop rapport to ensure a good support
Maintain high level of contact within the sales leadership, customers and client to form positive strategies as a team
Fine tune processes and maintain training and coaching sessions
Revisit stack rankings, alignment of progress with key metrics Communicate with the team where strengths and weaknesses are in processes or systems
Review of prior month’s goals and results, set new month’s expectations
Meet with Leadership team and develop a game plan for the next 2 quarters setting goals
Work with sales leadership team to perfect skills to work more efficiently
Continue to provide training and information to ensure support of customers in every way possible
Set monthly staff meetings to assess goals and recognize successes
Revisit stack rankings, alignment of progress with key metrics Purpose of the plan is to clearly identify and communicate the program’s objectives, processes and goals in order to deliver above satisfactory results Identify business processes
Familiarizing yourself with current plans in place and work/paper flow communications through the office/teams
Ensuring knowledge of products and services
Secure knowledge of service and product line to a point of complete confidence in representing it and completely understanding all administrative functions and procedures including company protocol
Meet with both retail and business sales teams and explore the daily regiment of what is the most effective time management to properly ensure success and partnership.
Research and recognize who is the competition and begin to determine strengths and weaknesses of both internal and external sales management environment
After completing 3 weeks observation begin organizing and revising plan for the upcoming month. OBJECTIVES Determine internal & external needs based analysis
Determine sales team effectiveness
Change Management
Staff Reinforcement EXECUTION OF THE PLAN Robin Lee Sullivan
April 16, 2013
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