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CEO-at-a-Distance: JEFF BEZOS

Setting: desk space.

Aruna Singh

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of CEO-at-a-Distance: JEFF BEZOS

Always attaches 1997 letter
- “it’s still day one”

Career History
Leadership Philosophy
Leadership Vision
Personalized experience

Metrics tell stories

Service, not gadgets


Laura, Jose
& Jason
Leadership Style
Inventive Ideas
Belittled/Overruled Employees
"The Question Mark"
Straight talking
Shareholder Letters
Core Principles
Letters (continued)
Aim to impress shareholders
•Letter = peptalk, instills confidence
• Details of new development - “aim
to impress customers rather
than zeal best of competitors”

for Amazon
Fundamental Truth
Sell more products and services.

Bezos’ version: “We don’t make $$ when we sell things; we make $$ when we help customers make purchase decisions.”

Investment strategy: “Proactively delighting customers earns trust, which earns more business from those customers”.

Birth date:
January 12, 1964

Birth place:
Albuquerque, NM

Birth name:
Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen

Ted Jorgensen

Jackie (Gise) Bezos

He was adopted at a young age by
his stepfather, Miguel "Mike" Bezos,
an engineer at Exxon.
Wife: MacKenzie (Tuttle) Bezos

Children: An adopted daughter
and 3 sons

Amazon spends $1.6 m/yr on
security for Bezos and family.

His wife, a respected novelist,
still drives him to work in their Honda after dropping kids off at school.

Bezos’ values are closely tied to
his company’s:

1. Customer obsession
2. Frugality
3. Bias for Action
4. Ownership
5. High bar for talent
6. Innovation

“The Empty Chair”

Have a Backbone

Reinvent everything

Tough love

When to meddle/intervene
Has changed over time
Organizational Outcomes
Company’s Mission:
to be Earth’s most customer
-centric company, where
customers can find and discover
anything they might want to buy
online, and endeavors to offer
its customers the lowest possible

Bezos’ version: “to develop
premium products at
non-premium prices.”

Core Principles

of Best CEOS
Shareholder returns of

Market cap increase by

$111 B
Sales increase


in 2011,

n 2013

"...I care very much about our long-term share price. I do not follow the stock on a daily basis, because I don't think there's any information in it."
Technology on Fire: Kindle, Phone, and TV

Media Services
HBO Deal “Everything but Game of Thrones”
Amazon Originals

Prioritizes Customer Service/Relations

jeff@amazon.com for complaints

Leadership Presence
Attempted to contact w/ 8 email addresses, 4 worked
Brad Stone, author of "The Everything Store"
Business Book of the Year

Senior Writer for Bloomberg Businessweek

Native of Cleveland


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