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horses rule

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of horse

skeletal muscles
cardiac muscles
and smooth muscles Lets explore Skeletal muscles are named for their location in the body.
Skeletal muscles attach and cover horse's skeletons.
Skeletal muscles are voluntary, which means horses can control their own movements.
If skeletal muscles were involuntary horses would not be able to control their movements. Smooth muscles Cardiac muscles are located on the walls of the heart.
Cardiac muscles are involuntary. If they were voluntary horses would have to think about every heart beat. HORSES MUSCLES Horses have 3 types of muscles Skeletal muscles Smooth muscles are located on the walls of internal structures such as,
Blood vessels
the stomach
and the urinary bladder.
Smooth muscles are involuntary. If they were voluntary, horses would have to think about digesting food. Horses have a lot of muscles.
They have 42 muscle groups. Lets move on shall we The basic muscles the muscles of a horse. lets climb the vine to see what awaits us. almost to the top Cardiac muscles The End What is the difference between
the way a horses body is built
compared to a pony? Well some of the differences are
A pony has a thick mane and tail. They also have a thick coat to help them in harsh climates.
Ponies have a very sturdy skeletal structure.
They are heavy boned with stockier legs and have a wider barrel.
Ponies are very intelligent which can result in them being really, really stubborn.
Ponies also make great pack animals.
They are also used to pull carts and carriages.
Some ponies, such as the Falabella pony, is actually considered a horse.
Most of all ponies are sooo playful. Then what is a horse like? This is what a horse is like
A horse stands 14.2 (hh) or taller.
Horses have a thin mane and tail.
They also have a thin coat.
horses are more willing to work.
They are also used more frequently to pull carts and carriages.
A lot of people don't like to ride ponies they prefer to ride a horse.
Some horses are the size of ponies but they are still considered horses.
BlackJack, the horse I ride is a quarter horse but he is the size of a pony, does that make him a pony, no because his breed is a horse.
Lastly horses are a safer mount for kids and beginner riders.
Or they could try a small horse that is pony sized like BlackJack. One more to go. What is it? The breed of Draft I am going to tell you about is a Jutland.
A Jutland stands between 15 and 16 hands
They have a plain heavy head with a square muzzle but is not unattractive
They have heavy muscled shoulders and exceptionally broad chest
They have a short neck
Broad flat withers
Joints are inclined to be round and fleshy
They have much feathering on lower legs
The last thing is that they have short forelegs set wide apart There are also Draft horses, light draft, light/heavy drafts, and heavy drafts.
The first one I'm going to tell you about is a Draft. Next I'm going to tell you about the Norman Cob which is a Light Draft
They stand between 15.3 and 16.3 hands
Their back is short
They have a short crested neck and medium sized head
Really strong shoulders allow them to have freedom during the trot - the work pace
Their body is compact and stocky like that of the English Cob
Their legs are short and have good bone measurement
Little or no feathering on the lower legs
Quarters are muscular and powerful but not as massive as those of the heavier breeds Next is the Heavy/Light Draft The horse breed that I chose for this one is the Breton
Their tail is customarily docked like that of the Norman Cob
Hooves are hard, well-shaped and not too large
Legs are short and strong with little feathering
Quarters are broad and square
Neck is short and arched
Small, mobile ears
Head is square
They stand between 15.3 and 16.3 hands The Heavy Draft I chose was a Percheron
They have a smaller head with long ears and large eyes
They have a broad forehead
legs are short and massive and are not heavily feathered
Body is broad and very deep chested but is also compact and deep in the girth
Hooves are medium sized
Withers are prominent and shoulders are sloped, unlike those of most Draft breeds
They stand between 16 and 17.2 hands Pony Barrel short legs short neck This is Spell Bound the horse my friend Sage used to ride. I couldn't help it I had to put it in. This is fable Sage and I loved fable When a horse is galloping do all of their feet come off the ground?????????? MYTH BUSTER If you said True, you are right. If you look at the picture of Fable you can see that all of her feet are off the ground. OR False True Any questions Ponies stand 14.2 (hh) or smaller hh means hands high a hand is 4in which is approximately the same size of a grown mans hand the width of it any way. I work with this horse. His name is Thunder. He is a wild horse (aka) a mustang. He has never been trained and he is very skittish. thin mane thin tail Horse feathering withers Draft Thinner boned
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