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Grindr Presentation

By: Melissa Gonzalez and Dalton Bradbury

Melissa Gonzalez

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Grindr Presentation

Comfortable Online Environment What is Grindr? Communication ,Unifying the Gay Community Specific to your local area
Special deals for Grindr users
Helps communicate to a group
on a large scale with relative
ease Superficiality Grindr is very superficial
Based only on appearance
It makes men feel inferior if they don't have good looks.
Creates egotism GRINDR Grindr Filtering Can choose to remain anonymous
Blocking feature
Report feature for violence, bullying, or obscene material Ways Grindr Keeps Us Safe & Comfortable: Grindr Also Provides Info On: Closest LGBT Resource Centers
Nearest STD testing centers
Phone numbers for Gay youth help lines Grindr Filtering Criteria: Age
What you are looking for
Proximity to yourself Community Updates: Grindr Xtra View 200 more profiles
of guys in your area
Send quick mass notifications
Quick pictures, phrases, and
location messages
No ads Dangers of using Grindr Many young men are exposed to pedophiles
Fake profiles are created and the GPS installed on Grindr allows the person whom your talking to know your location. Meeting up with a complete stranger is made really easy
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