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Utopia Society

Free Society Project

Camilla Shanley

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Utopia Society

Olaoluwakitan Bamisaiye Food/Agriculture CRIME & CONSEQUENCE CURRENCY Type of Government Jobs / Careers Our Government:

We will have a direct democracy government. All problems dealing with crime and punishment will be overseen by the people. Our society is small and tight-knit, so each family or household will have one vote in matters concerning rule-breaking. We will elect a leader once every 6 months and there will no set term limit. In the election for a new leader, each citizen aged 16 or above will have one vote. Citizens must be at least age 25 to run for leadership. The primary purpose of the leader will be to settle disputes; he/she cannot create new laws without first consulting the society. This will ensure that the leader cannot become a dictator. As our society grows, however, the government will need to expand in order to provide for a growing population, so the society will be allowed to change the government if and only if a majority consensus of 70% is reached. Our society will have scholars, hunters, blacksmiths, doctors, butchers, and farmers. The scholars will also serve as teachers for the children until the children reach age 16, where they will begin an apprenticeship with someone in the society. Apprenticeship appointments will be based on necessity; if only two new hunters are needed, then only two people will be accepted for hunter training and then they will be trained, etc. Scholartopia - a society you can trust! Our society will use leftover precious metal from the apocalypse and melt it into new coins which they can use whenever they need to buy new things. Other than that, people will trade their specialized goods and services for other goods and services. Any complaint made by one citizen against another or against society will be addressed in a general meeting where all heads of households should be present to vote on the issue and penalty. Possible consequences include, but are not limited to; fines, public service, and shunning for a certain period of time. This will be judged at a general meeting of the society. The leader of the society will preside over the meeting but will not make the final decision, it must be determined by majority vote. New laws can be enacted through a 3/5 majority approval of the citizens. Killing, stealing, forgery, etc is not allowed. Everyone in our society will have their own small subsistence farm for their own family, but those families who specialize in farming will have larger farms dedicated to a certain crop. Those crops can then be traded for and bought in the local market. In the first generations of our society, we will need a group of herdsmen to find and domesticate wild animals. Eventually, other citizens can specialize in maintaining the flock of animals.
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