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No description

Pawel Badenski

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Feedback

The missing link of Agile
Improve people first, systems next

Threat vs reward
an observation about someone which is given to them
be writing more tests"
“I can show you a
try speaking up
during the meetings”
break the build"
Steven was demoted and is a berry gatherer.
Two rules
Emotions are important
- Find berries
- Collect berries
- If me finds a snake me kills the snake
every person is their own best critic
people get around 18 minutes of positive feedback a year
peak performance requires knowing your strengths
Choose 1 person in your team

Write 3 things how they have positive impact on your project

Tell it to them
Feedback is
always subjective
Watch out for
Giving Advice
"Objectify" feedback - use NVC Lite
When I see
you commiting failed tests for the third time
I feel
really annoyed
(.. I need productivity - 100% green build rule helps me to ensure that)
It is difficult to argue with:
- what you see
- what you feel
be commiting failed tests"
Watch out for
Being Hijacked By The Lizard
"I am a developer for 7 years and I don't need some TDD"
Train your emotional resilience
you have "brake muscle" in your brain - train it
learn to name your emotions
learn to recover after emotional punch (Siberian North Railroad)
Watch out for
Just Negative Feedback
Watch out for
Feedback Avoidance
- Mark is really getting under my skin again this week! He keeps booking the meetings at 4.30pm.
- Did you tell him about that?
- You think I should? Yeah, maybe I'll wait until next week. This may be temporary.
Understand neuroscience behind feedback
Learn feedback techniques
Practice your emotional intelligence (the EQ)
Give and receive feedback often
Corrective feedback
Appreciative feedback
Who's your worst critic?
Steven gave Josh lots of negative feedback.
Josh left the cave and founded a start-up in a stone industry.
Two years later he invented a wheel and became very famous.
He still regrets not learning about feedback.
Neuroscience of feedback
4 feedback antipatterns
Corrective feedback
Appreciative feedback
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