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Your Name is Renee

No description

Summer Poole

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Your Name is Renee

Your Name is Renee
Stacy Cretzmeyer
Biography 208 pages

Summer Poole
May 7, 2014
Period 3/4

There are many settings in the book "Your Name is Renee". One of the many settings is a place called Toulouse. Toulouse is the place that Ruth first lived before they went into complete hiding. Her Uncle Heinrich, Aunt Sophie, and Jeanette lived there with her. One other setting is a place where Ruth and two other children went when their parents were in serious trouble. The orphanage was very dark and a quite place they had to learn Catholic beliefs even though she was Jewish. Also the nuns told the children that their parents were dead weather
they were or not. The last place that I am going to
tell about is Albi Ruth lived there
before the war was over she lived
there when all Jews could come
out from hiding.
Some of the main characters in the book "Your Name is Renee" are Ruth Kapp Hartz's, Benno "her father", Lissy "her mother", Henri and Jeanne Valet "people that hid Ruth when bad things were happening", and Heinrich his daughter Jeannette and Aunt Sofie. Ruth has to be very brave she was very little when all this happened she had to stay calm and quite. Her father Benno is very strong and a gentle caring man. Her mother Lissy (aka) Maman was always there for Renee she was caring and kind but strict when she needed to be. Heinrich her uncle he was a very kind and smart man Ruth loved when he read to her he lived near her in Toulouse. Henri and Jeanne Valet were very kind and intelligent they hid Ruth's family when roundups were going on. Jeannette and her mother helped to keep Ruth safe and to give faith to Ruth's family when they were in hiding.
Ruth Kapp Hartz's
Henri Valet
Ruth's Family
Ruth Kapp Hartz's
was born to Lissy
and Benno Kapp
in 1937
Went into hiding
and had to
change her name
to Renee in 1941
Benno and
Heinrich fought
in Morocco in
Hid in the Valets
cellar in for
protection in 1948
Ruth went for her
first day of
school after the
war in 1944
On June 6, 1944
the Nazis came
and shot all the
men that
The importance of Ruth Kapp Hertz's is she is one of the few children that actually made it though the holocaust. Also if it weren't for here we might not know how scary for a child to go through this important part in history. Originally Stacy Cretzmeyer was going to write a book about children in that were involved in the holocaust. That's when Ruth came in because she was asked people that Stacy could interview and Ruth was the one. Yes, I would defanatly recommend this book if you like mystery and plot twist also I thought it was a very interesting book to read. I feel that Ruth is a very caring a giving person I feel that I would love to be her child because I think she would be very knowledgeable about that part of history.
Let's look at a beginning to end summary of the book " Your Name is Renee " by: Stacy Cretzmeyer. At the beginning of the story it is four year old Ruth having to change her name to Renee. She had to do that to keep her identity a secret from the Nazis. That was a very terrifying time for a four year old. At that time she could not talk to anybody except her family. At times things were so bad she could not even go to school she had to stay home so she could be safe. Torword the end of the book Ruth had to go to an orphanage just to keep her family safe from worrying about her that was really sad because she had nuns telling her that her parents were dead. Also during this time she was moving from town to town about every month or two. Ruth became catholic right before the Jews were free and not having to hide all the time she learned catholic traits when she was in the orphanage. She had learned even though it was a really hard time having to hide she was happy because her family and several others had outsmarted the Nazis.
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