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Game Reflection - High Five

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S. T.

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of Game Reflection - High Five

1. One experience in the Game which helped me to grow was the activity "Don't Wait Until Your Parents Get Home". This helped me in my life by not leaving everything to the last minute. In this game, I had to prioritize my work from the top most important, to the least important. This helped me plan out what I need to complete in my regular days. Even though change comes, I need to adapt and be ready to change my priorities. Even though I change my priorities, I need to focus on the goal(journey) and keep learning as I progress. To help me finish work, I can ask for help from my family members, but my priorities depend on me. I need to know what is my top-most priority.
2. Some examples of verbal communication skills are:
Feedback from teachers (virtual or real life) - This helps the listener to understand his/her strong points, as well as his/her weak points and how to improve them.
Listening to discussions - Verbal communication can include listening to others. This helps to practice what they say.
Public speaking - This is to a wider group which will give the message to more people
Some examples of non-verbal communication skills are:
Awards for completing something - This shows that the person excels in this particular subject/topic in which he/she is getting the award for.
Gestures - It will show if that person is or is not doing something in the correct manner.

Change is Constant
1. If I had no fear in failing, I could make my dream come true. I would not be scared to try something new in this world. The thought of failing can stop someone in fulfilling their dreams. I've always dreamt of starting my own technology business and becoming the CEO of the company.
2. One experience in which I demonstrated resiliency is when I had to make the transition from middle school to high school. Even though I was going into a school with none of my earlier friends, I bounced back up and learned to make new friends (who are amazing by the way). Being resilient helped me to cope with this transition (and other transitions in my life) by being able to adjust to new environments/settings. It helped me to not be scared but to learn to love my new experience. Being resilient is a necessary attribute when pursuing my goals in the future as there will come difficult changes. Choosing the right post-secondary pathway, University and job. Careers can also change, and I have to be ready for anything.
Focus on the Journey
1. In my life, one pathway of opportunity opened up as a result of my prior success/experience. One important requirement to enter into my current program, I.B., was to speak French. They chose me because I spent my middle school in an Extended French school and am quite fluent in speaking French.
2. In the future, I want to become a Computer Software Engineer. When entering high school, I had the option to either take a Civics/Careers course, or Computer Science. I chose the latter since that course will help me upon reaching my destination.
3. When encountering roadblocks on the way to reaching my goal, I developed a new strategy instead of recalculating a new route. To reach my career goal, I chose to do Computer Science in Grade 9, which was a difficult subject. Instead of doing homework by myself, I sought after-school help from my teacher, which helped me to improve my grades.
4. The journey towards my future is part of the learning process because it helps me know more about myself, i.e. my strengths, weaknesses, learning style, etc. It helps me decide on the career I want to be and the path I take in order to achieve it.
5. Part of my journey towards my future was intrapersonal. To get to my specific goal, I needed to find out more about myself to know if I should strive towards that goal or not.
Team Up with Others
1. Some activities in the game made me work in a group to reach my goal. This included school work and extra-activities outside of school. One activity, called "Party Planner" made me work as a team with the rest of the students in the committee to plan the school's party. I was in the committee to plan a banquet that took place in my school. We each had different roles to do to make the banquet successful.
2. In my future, I will need to work as a team. In my future education/workplace:
working as groups for projects in University is vital
developing strong bonds with friends when in need for help with work
extra-curricular activities need teamwork
working as a team in a workplace to achieve goals is also important
have strong relationships with my superiors and co-workers

Follow Your Heart
1. When playing this game, I started with the activities that involved my areas of strength rather than my areas of weaknesses after taking the 'Student Learning Assessment'. I chose to start with my strengths because I knew that I would excel in them and I knew that I would win/overcome them.
2. When completing a game, I tried a game in which I was weaker at. I played a game I was stronger at, and then I played a game in which I was weaker at. I wanted to challenge myself to see how I can improve those weak points in my everyday life.
3. Only part of following my heart's desires went into planning my future career path. I naturally like computers and the latest technology, but I also enjoy business. Due to family pressures, I chose computers over business since people who are computer specialists have more respect in our community. So I made an agreement with my family and myself, I plan on creating a business that sells and buys the latest computers/computer parts/technology.
3. Through these two opportunities, I learned more about myself. Through the assessments embedded in this course, I learned about my personal strengths and learning style. Through the GPS game, I implemented what I learned in a virtual world. The outcomes were not similar because in the assessments, I learned about myself in depth. In the game, I did not learn about myself, but instead I carried out what I knew about myself. Through both these opportunities, I grew and understood my strengths and how to improve my weaknesses. I learned how to present my strengths in various situations also. The greatest impact on my learning were through the assessments throughout this course because that is where I had a greater understanding of myself.
4. The activity that helped me in this was called "Party Planner". When the DJ canceled we had to come up with a new plan. Another activity that helped me is "Organize and Prioritize" because it helped me to create a calendar to achieve my goals.

By: Sharon Thomas
Game Reflection - High Five
Learning is Continuous
1. Comparing my avatar's Learning Skills and Work Habits to my own attributes are consistent. My avatar had trouble in the organizational aspects of the game as I also have it in my own life. My avatar also excelled at the collaboration parts while I do the same in my everyday life.
2. In the game, there are some decisions that I would take in real life? Although, I took more risks in the game because I knew that the consequences are only virtual. I did not have the fear in failing because I knew I could always redo the game and try again. Through the game, I learned a lot of skills that can apply to my everyday life, but I did not make my game decisions the decisions I would make in my everyday life.
3. If I did not succeed in a particular activity in the game, I kept on replaying the task until I won the key to completing it. I did not give up easily in any game, and I was repetitive in completing it. This shows that until I master a concept/learning skill, I will not give up in trying to understand it, no matter how long that takes.
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