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P2 - Physical Security Measures

Ict Level 3 Btec : Unit 7 - Organisational Systems Security

jhora akthar

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of P2 - Physical Security Measures

Unit 7- Organisational Systems Security (P2)
By Jhora Akthar Physical Security Measures Locks are used to keep your personal confidential things secure so no one can view them . It depends on what type of lock your using either if it’s a key or a password lock , both are very helpful. Locks can used to keep your things from being misused.
Its better to use stronger locks for doors , hardware , and windows for example if someone knocks down your door and enters you house and takes your personal belongings it can leave you with nothing all your hard work at waste. Another example is if your in an organisational and your hardware gets stolen , you can lose all your important data that was on it. Also if your window isn't locked up it can cause thefts to break in your house. Keeping locks on things can secure your organisation , house , school and the area around you and also you as will be satisfied that everything is kept safe . LOCKS A visitors pass is something that allows you to enter the organisation , this pass is used to show you’re a visitor and no one else trying to break in. it’s a logo that has visitor written on it and sometimes has your picture on it to , to show it’s the right person and no one else using your details , the visitors pass is usually can be stuck on your clothes.
It confirms that you have made them aware of fire, accident and evacuation procedures. Visitors Passes Sign in / sign out systems make sure that people sign in and out of the building for example in schools if teachers don’t sign in and out it because if there is a fire and you don’t sing in/ sign out no one will know if your safe or not
Also if you don’t sign in and out they wont know if your left behind and could lock up the organisation leaving you behind.
Its important to sign in and out so if there is a fire they know that everyone around them is safe and lets them know that your coming in or existing the organisation. SIGN IN / SIGN OUT SYSTEMS Retinal scans is a irreplaceable design when they can identify you by your eye colour. This scan can be very helpful because no one has the same eye colour, everyone’s got their own unique eye colour and if for example there is a crime going on the police could use the retinal scan to find out the culprit. Retinal scans are also used in passports now. Retinal scans are used to keep thefts from taking your personal details and identifying things on different cases. Biometrics (Retinal Scans) Finger prints is a another special design that has uncovered so many criminals that always seem to get away with crimes. We all have different fingerprints that can help organisations and police recognise you which is good because for example something got stolen in an organisation lets say a hospital it can then be found who took it by them using their finger print. Biometrics (Fingerprint) The voice recognition is a biometric were you can identify the person by their voice as we all have different voices. The voice recognition is ordinarily used to access important information.
Voice recognition technology can be used to help aid remote alcohol-testing of DUI (Driving under the influence - of drugs or alcohol). murderers on community release. This are the things that can effect voice recognition : poor-quality voice samples; the changeability in a speaker's voice which is due to illness, mood, changes over time; background noise as the caller interacts with the system; and changes in the call's technology (digital vs. analogue, upgrades to circuits and microphones, etc). Biometrics (Voice Recognition) Guards is another thing that can keep your organisational secure , as they can tackle anyone that’s not meant to enter the organisation , they can be in hand when you need them to keep the area secure. Having guards is useful because it stops intruder entering the business. A guard shields property, assets, or people. Guards Cable shielding provides protection from power and radio frequency nosiness which can reduce the number of false alarms being generated and can keep the organisation secure , so when there is fake alarm you will know straight away from cable shielding so you know when to evacuate the building and when to not. Cable shielding
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