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Common Core and Curriculum Design

No description

Susan Chen

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Common Core and Curriculum Design

Common Core and Curriculum Design

At a Glance
Many forces impact curriculum design. The latest force is the adoption of Common Core Standards.
Instructional Shifts
How will the Common Core instructional emphasis impact your teaching?
The Nouns
Does your school/district have the necessary broadband, hardware, software, and expertise to effectively and efficiently implement the new standards?
Teacher Preparation
How well prepared are you to tackle the Common Core Standards? What resource has been the most beneficial for you?
Implications on Curriculum
Educators are challenged to align curriculum to meet the new standards. Significant changes in assessment, instructional focus, and technology need to be made.
Do the assessments have alignment with daily instruction?
Will the lack of computer skills impact the test scores?

Additional Resources
Measured Progress

Oregon Department of Education

Pedagogy Wheel

School Improvement Network

Smarter Balanced
Putting the Pieces Together
The curriculum is changing due to the adoption of the Common Core Standards (CCS). Many have been involved in the formulation of the CCS. Even more are now involved in the implementation of these standards. How successfully they are implemented depends very much on the comprehension of the standards by all educators and by those providing resources for the educators. It also depends on whether the infrastructure that is needed is made available. The curriculum is molded by each and every one of these factors. What concerns do you have about putting together your new curriculum?
The What & Why of Common Core
June 2008 - 2010:
Standards developed, released , and adopted
March 8 - June 6, 2014:


Balanced Field Test
2014 - 2015 :
First year of implementation
First actual assessment
Instructional Shifts
The Nouns
Smarter Balance
Accessing Smarter Balance
How does it look?
• Selected-response items
• Technology-enhanced items
• Constructed-response items
• Performance tasks
Common Core Teachers Are Asked to:
- Inquiry based and project based.

- Use technology both for research and

- Collaborate
Video camera
Digital camera
Teacher laptop
Student notebooks and carts
Document camera
External speakers
LCD projector
Interactive whiteboard
Wireless access points
Broadband support
Web cameras

PALO ALTO, Calif.—Three-quarters of public school teachers surveyed support the Common Core State Standards, yet just 27 percent said their district has provided them with the tools and resources necessary to teach the standards, according to the results of a poll released by the American Federation of Teachers today.
The Curriculum: Before
The Curriculum: Now
Putting the Pieces Together: The Educator
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Common Core – What & Why (video)
Timeline of Mandate
Implications on Curriculum
Instructional Shifts
The Nouns
Teacher Preparation
Additional Resources
Putting the Pieces Together

Common Core Timeline
Apps for the Classroom
Required Assessment Equipment
1. Move away from Windows XP (which is used by more than half of schools today) to Windows 7.

2. Upgrade computers to at least 1 gigabyte of internal memory.

3. Ensure that all screens being used for the assessments have a visual display of no less than 9.5 inches, with at least a 1024 x 768 resolution.
4. Student testing sites must operate on secure browsers.

5. The assessment requires about 5 to 10 kilobytes per second of bandwidth per student.

Instructional Approaches
1. Moving from instruction to inquiry.
2. Balancing knowledge and skills.
3. Blending coaching with teaching.

Instructional Activities
- Cornell Notes
- Directed Reading Thinking Activity
- Fishbowl
- Focused Free-Write
- Gist
- Giving a Speech
- Graphic Organizers
- Inquiry Charts (I-Charts)
- Journal Writing
- Socratic Circles
- SQ3R
- Stump the Teacher

CCS in the Classroom
Janet C. Gutierrez, Jesus Sandoval, Maclovia Garcia, Susan Chen
Sample Reading Literacy test item
After reading a passage:
What does Naomi learn about Grandma Ruth? Use details from the text to support your answer.
Type your answer in the space provided.

Sample Mathematics test item
Five swimmers compete in the 50-meter race. The finish time for each swimmer is shown in the video.
A graphic illustrates swimmers with timer at the bottom that shows the different times of each swimmer

Explain how the results of the race would change if the race used a clock that rounded to the nearest tenth

- Rethink and transform classroom practices,
with the goal of imparting to all students a
deeper understanding of the critical concepts.
Press Release
FOR RELEASE: May 3, 2013
AFT President Randi Weingarten said full implementation requires aligning the standards, curriculum, teacher training, instruction and assessments.
Full press release at www.aft.org/newspubs/press/2013/050313.cfm
What's a Teacher to Do?
District Professional Development Workshops
Unit Studies by Teacher Committees
Achieve the Core.org
ASCD.org (check their webinars)
Common Core.org
Common Core Institute.org
Edutopia.org (check their CCSS resources)
Khan Academy.org
Teaching Channel.org (many videos on YouTube)
Common Core.Pearson.com
Common Core Solutions.com (McGraw Hill's)
Learn Zillion.com
School Improvement.com/common-core-360
Teacher Pay Teacher.com
Discussion questions incorporated throughout the presentation.
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