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Personal Branding Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site and a crucial place cultivate your brand within today's job market.

Nicole Sicuro Leipski

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Personal Branding Using LinkedIn

At it's roots... Cultivate... Sprout: "Connections" Branch Out! Enjoy the fruits
of your labor! Create Your Profile &
Update it as Your Experience Grows ... The Basics:
- Use LinkedIn's Resume Builder Tool
- Add a professional picture

Optional but Recommended:
- Connect your *Twitter* account
- Add apps. (slideshare for presentations,
Wordpress and Typepad for *Blogs*, etc.) LinkedIn is the world's largest
professional social networking
site and has been described as:

- "Facebook for professionals" ...without the drama

- "The Virtual Rolodex" Take Inventory of Your Current Online Brand: Growing Your
Online Brand
With - Write recommendations for those you have
professional relationships with.

- Request recommendations from supervisors & co-workers.

- Endorse various skills of your connections

- Join LinkedIn groups (professional, academic, extracurricular, non-profit/service, etc.) - Use LinkedIn to Job search
- Get views/scouted by recruiters
- Use LinkedIn to prep for interviews
- Utilize your network as resources LinkedIn Q. What's my current online presence?
A. Google yourself!

- Take inventory of your experience
(educational, work, extracurricular)

- Take inventory of your contacts (personal and educational/professional) - Search in names of people you have relationships with (professional and personal): current/former bosses, co-workers, friends, professors, high school teachers, neighbors, relatives, friends' parents.

- Send a request to connect. (LinkedIn sends a "form" message but it's recommended that you edit it to make them more personal).

- Utilize the LinkedIn Alumni Tool (handout) Take Inventory of Yourself: Keep it... FRESH! Maintain & Update Your Profile Example: 100% complete LinkedIn profile: WHAT IT'S NOT... What It Is... Get out there and get your profile going and then send me a connection request on LinkedIn! THE END (of this presentation) & Your Beginning... - Nicole Leipski http://www.linkedin.com/in/nicoleleipski
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