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PlernTanyapat Chaiseri

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Laos

LAOS Geography By:Theerapat and Tanyapat Flag and Map Laos Flag The red represents the blood of the people who sacrificed their life to fight for freedom from the battle with other countries.

The Blue represents its useful natural resources like forests, rivers, mines and fertile land.

The white circle represents the full moon rising at the month of "Deune khun"where people celebrate the rising of the full moon. It also represents Peace and Joy for the Laos people. LAOS Location It is in...


Southeast Asia...

Northeast of Thailand and west of Vietnam...

Exact Coordinate!!! 18 00 N, 105 00 E Climate During May to November, this country receives rainfall The dry season is from December to April Terrain Rugged mountains all around.... and some PLAINS and PLATEAUS.... PLAINS PLATEAU RIVERS Mekong River Natural Resources Timber Gemstones Gold Tin Gypsum Hydro power Land Uses Land Uses land suitable for planting 4.01% land for permanent crops 0.34% Other Uses 95.65% People and Society Nationality Laotian!!!! Religion 3rd Popular...... Christian!! 1.5 percent 2nd Popular...... No Religion! 31.5 percent 1st Popular...... Buddhism! 67 percent Major cities There's only one......, it's capital,... VIENTIANE!!! Picture of Vientiane Government Laos' People's Democratic Republic Its full name Short form reduced to Laos Government type............Communism Communist Flag Its Capital city is VIENTIANE..... Laos' Economy Industries The Industry business in Laos include... Mining! copper tin gold and gypsum Timber (cutting trees) Electric Power agricultural processing Rubber planting Construction Garments Cements and Tourism cement garments (shirts) tourism Agricultural Products Sweet Potatoes Vegetables Corn other plants such as... cotton cassava sugar cane tobacco tea coffee peanuts rice other than plants, there are also animals,to such as.... Water Buffaloes Pigs Laos' Exports - Commodities WOODS COFFEE Electricity Tin Gold Copper Laos' Imports - Commodities Machinery and Equipment Vehicles Fuels Consumer Goods Laos' Exports - Partners No. 1 Thailand! No.2 China! 33 percent 23.4 percent No. 3 Vietnam! 13.4 percent Laos' Imports - partners No. 1 Thailand 65.2 % No. 2 China 11.1% No. 3 Vietnam 6.5% Don't laugh at me! Don't laugh at me too! Thank You For Listening to our Laos Presentation!!! Thank you for watching our presentation of Laos! P.S. If you have any questions, please let us know! Thanks! Bye! Laos Dress Source of information: CIA world factbook
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