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Where did Hitler go to School? What was his career during the World Wars?

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Joie Converse

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Where did Hitler go to School? What was his career during the World Wars?

Prezi By: Jake Daniels Adolf's School and Career Where Did Adolf Hitler Go to school? Adolf Hitler went to elementary school at General Vanier Elementary. Then Hitler went to Volksschule classed as his primary school. Hitler's secondary school was Realschule. All of these schools are in Austria. Hitler thought Jews were not equal to Germans and were ugly people whose main aim was to take over the world. Hitler considered Jews as being the single, most-powerful threat to a superior, pure or Aryan German race. Adolf Hitler thought as the Jews as an "Alien" race. Adolf Hitler was the national Dictator of the Nazi party, and was commanding German forces throughout World War II. In 1933 Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Hitler tried to build a territorially larger and ethnically purer fatherland for the German people. Hitler retained power in Germany until his suicide just before Germany's surrender in 1945. Adolf's Career When Hitler became an adult, he served in the Bavarian army during World War I. Also during World War I Hitler served in France and Belgium in the 16th Bavarian Reserve Regiment. Hitler's thoughts on Jews. World War II Conclusion In conclusion, Hitler joining the military was something that helped him become very antisemitic. So, when World War I was lost he blamed the Jews. If Adolf Hitler had not joined the military, he would have not become dictator, and would not have caused the Holocaust.
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