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Cantrell Google Earth

No description

Rocky Hirsch

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cantrell Google Earth

Google Earth By Rocky Hirsch Information I Knew:
I knew some about Google Earth. I knew about the basics, I knew about how Google Earth was a program that you could see pictures from a satellite picture. You could zoom in and look from a bird's eye view. Technical things I learned during the tour: I learned how to change planets from Mars to Moon to Earth. You can create your own tour on Google Earth. You can also go back in time to see historical images. They have Geo Quizes and have more interactive things and tours than ever now. You can watch real videos and real pictures. They have 3-D models of real interesting places. You can tilt, zoom, and rotate while you explore. Content related things I learned: Things that I learned about, I learned how to see the Moon, and Mars and how you can see actual plans from the Apollo mission to the moon. You can also see 3-D views of things left on the Moon like space crafts. You can also see videos from real missons. You can go into the ocean, like literally beneath it! Technical Things I want to learn about: I wish they could have showed how to fly a plane. I figured that out by myself though. They showed alot of information and I didn't think about any of that when I was thinking of what I was going to learn so it surprised me. Technical things that I stumbled with: I couldn't get all the videos to work. I didn't learn all that I could.
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