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Sex Offender Presentation

No description

Ashlee Lynn

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Sex Offender Presentation

Issues With The Sex Offender Registry The Problem is.. little facts; Sex Offenders must notify local law enforcment every time they move. How laws are passed.. "Need-to-know" Classification of Crimes Threat... A Sex Offender? The Registry... Sex Crime.. What Is... A sex offender is someone who has been
convicted of a sex crime. A sex crime is a crime involving sexual
assault or having a sexual motive. The Sex Offender Registry is a database that
tracks details of registered sex offenders. It
is available to the public. It was originally
created so family's could be aware of
their surroundings. Sex Offender Registries do not have a "Need-to-know" restriction.
Therefore, it gives out way to much information about those who are on the registry. Some individuals treat this irresponsibly and even in unlawful ways. Families are also put at risk because of this. Sometimes innocent people get hurt.
There was a 78 year old guy who was beaten to death because he had a similar name to a nearby sex offender. Here's the problem. People started taking the term "Sex Offender" and stretching it to something it isn't. They began to consider different acts as sex crimes, that don't really violate the meaning of a sex crime.
Examples; The boyfriend who is 17, who engaged in sexual activities with his 15 year old girlfriend. Or the kid who got drunk at a football game and was dared to streak.
By diluting the registry with people who have little to no threat in society, its hard to distinguish those who really mean harm to others. See, the laws are usually passed in reaction to a high profile
sex crime, often bearing the names of the victims.
So... If your against the law, its like your against the
victims. Therefore you feel like you cannot vote against it. Which is totally unfair! Researchers say that you are more likely to be victimized by someone who has no history of sex crimes and by someone you know then by an already registered sex offender. Law authority figures cannot figure out what to do with "Sex Offenders" once they are out of jail. Its harder then trying to put an ex burglar back into society. There are many programs they can go through and are less likely to do the same thing again. Then the local law enforcement is required to to notify the public in one of two ways.
Active- "Direct" notification. (Bullitens, posters, flyers.)
Passive- Available for public scrutiny. (Website.) So.... What is a sex
crime? Examples: The Sex Offender Registry
is not based of threat towards the community. It is impossible to tell who really means harm to others. This could be bad because if someone is worried about the guy down the street, who may have just been drunk and went streaking, then they aren't paying attention to the guy that actually could do harm to their loved ones. They are pretty creepy, right? no! Rape; Molestation; sexual harassment; production/distribution of pornography. They should be... Sex offenders that go through therapy are more likely to reoffend again then those who don't.
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