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College/Career: Making it Happen- 12th

No description

Sophia Ortiz

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of College/Career: Making it Happen- 12th

Why continue your education?
Options after high school
Four systems of education:

How will I pay for it?!
Four Types of Financial Aid:

Must apply to FAFSA or Dream Act to receive most of these funds (DUE MARCH 2nd!):


Higher need = Higher Grant Amount
Need high school diploma

Take ASVAB Test (September 29th)
For Juniors and Seniors
Sign up in Tiger's Den by Sept. 18th
Higher scores = higher rank/position
Score report evaluation on October 20th

Find a branch that meets your needs
Talk to recruiters
Connect with others (not recruiters) who have been part of that branch
Don't enlist just for financial assistance; enlisting is a big commitment
SJHS Graduation Requirements
A-G Requirements
Classes that students must complete in order to be eligible for a CSU or UC

MINIMUM of 15 classes

Prepares you for all College pathways

Must have C or higher
Only way to make up A-G classes is through summer school; NOT through night school
College Entrance Exams
SAT Reasoning (www.collegeboard.org)
$54.50 (2 Fee waivers if you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch)
Highest score 2400 (national average 1500 = 62%)
SAT subject tests can make you competitive for UCs
Use Naviance & PSAT Quick Start for SAT Prep

ACT (www.actstudent.org)
$52.50 (2 Fee waivers if you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch)
Highest score 36 (CA average 22 = 61%)
Must take the "Plus Writing Version"
Succesful Future!
College/Career: Making it Happen
The road toward your future
Today I will learn:
Options after high school
SJHS Grad Requirements
A-G Requirements
How to evaluate transcript
Ways to get help
Community College (112 campuses)
Can you name some?!
Concurrent Enrollment
Vocational Certificates
Associate of Arts/Science
Transfer Degree Program
High school diploma and/or 18 yrs. old
Consent from high school & parent for concurrent enrollment
Financial cost:
Low; BoG fee waiver available
CSU- California State University (23 campuses)
Can you name some?!
Bachelor of Arts/Science
Masters and Doctorate
High school graduate
A-G requirements
Minimum GPA 2.0
SAT/ ACT test
Financial Cost:
Cal Grant eligible
UC- University of California (10 campuses)
Can you name some?!
Bachelor of Arts/Science
Masters and Doctorate
Professional Degrees
High school graduate
A-G requirements
SAT/ACT College Entrance Exams
Minimum GPA 3.0
Personal statement
Extracurricular activities
Financial Cost:
Blue & Gold Opportunity Plan for families who make 80k or less a year
Hoyt Memorial Scholarship for UC Riverside
Private/Independent (77 in CA/ many more out of state)
Can you name some?!
Associate degree
Bachelor of Arts/Science
Masters and Doctorate
Professional degree
High school graduate
A-G reqs. or comparable
SAT/ACT college entrance exams
Some might have interview or letters of rec.
Extracurricular activities
GPA varies
Financial Cost:
Varies (low-high)
Private schools have own private funds so amount
of aid can vary greatly
Can you name some?!
Career and job entry majors
Vocational Certificates and licenses
Associates and Bachelors
Fields vary (healthcare, computer programming, dental/medical assistant)
High school diploma or equivalent
Exceptions at certain campuses
Financial Cost:
Some schools not covered by federal or state aid due to default rates

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Bin in Counseling Center
Websites like www.fastweb.com & www.scholarships.com
Counseling website
Folder named "Scholarships" on left hand side under Locker
Community Scholarship Application
College Scholarships
Remind Me 101
Veteran Dependent Scholarships
Evaluate Transcript
Let us help you!
Counselor of the Day (quick questions & emergencies)
Sign up for remind me 101
Request an appointment (appointment slip= be specific!)
Contact by email
Attend our workshops
College/Career exploration tools
Scholarship Search
College document submission (Common App)
Video on main page
Resume Writer
Free SAT Prep Course

Username: Long student ID #
Password: Pass2013 (capital P)

Pass Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1

Pass the physical fitness test

Complete @ least 10 hours of Community Service

Complete Senior Project

Must earn 230 credits to receive a high school diploma; must include the following:
Send your test scores! You get 4 free reports at registration. See Tiger's Den for directions!
Sign up for October & November Test Dates; NOT December!
Upcoming Events/Workshops

College Application Workshops

Financial Aid Linked Lessons

College Rush Oct. 8th @ Lunch

A-G & Community College Rallies

Lunch time informational tables

University/College 101

Parent Workshops

Into the Future Conference Oct. 24th @ MSJC
Ms. Houston
Ms. Mena
Ms. Gomez-Lee
Mrs. Phillips
Mrs. De La Rocha
Pre-test/ Post-test

1.) Which class is NOT an A-G Course?
a.) English 4 b.) Photography II
c.) Anatomy d.) Math 90

2.) I believe that taking A-G courses will prepare me for college.
a.) Strongly Agree b.) Agree
c.) Disagree d.) Strongly Disagree

3.) I believe that only high income families can afford college.
a.) Strongly agree b.) Agree
c.) Disagree d.) Strongly Disagree

4.) What is your plan after you graduate?
a.) Community College b.) 4 year university
c.) Military d.) other

5.) What is the minimum number of credits you need to have to be considered having Senior status?
a.) 190 b.) 180 c.) 170 d.) 160

6.) Are you the child of a war veteran ?
a.) No b.) Yes

How many credits should you have as a Senior?
Time to sign up for Remind Me 101!

Text: 81010
Message: @stu2016

Use the Senior Timeline to stay on track!
MSJC Transition Counselors will be available to:

Assist with application and enrollment steps
Create educational plan
Assist with financial aid applications
Race to Submit Riverside County Competition

86% FAFSA/Dream Act Completion
Amongst top schools in the county
Received letter from White House & appeared in White House promotional video
100% Goal this year! (part of Senior Project)

Apply for free or reduced lunch ASAP!
Mr. Carmona
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