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Freshman Plan-It-Purple

Presentation for incoming freshmen.

Tracy Arneson-Baker

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Freshman Plan-It-Purple

Communication Sciences
and Disorders
Counselor Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Foundations
Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching
Leadership, Military Science & Aerospace Studies
Special Education
America Reads
Best Buddies
Business and Marketing Education Association
Creative and Resourceful Educators
Coaching, Health, Athletics, Recreation, and Physical Education
Collegiate Music Educators National Conf.
Future Teacher Student Organization
Kappa Delta Pi
National Student Speech Language Hearing Association
Student Council for Exceptional Children
Student Wisconsin Education Association
Early Childhood (*dual licensure program)
EC (birth to 8 years old)
Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence
MC/EA (Ages 6-12 or 13 years)
"Elementary Education"
Early Adolescence through Adolescence
EA/A (Ages 10-21 years)
"Secondary Education"
Early Childhood through Adolescence
EC/A (all ages in public schools, K-12)
Special Education
MC/EA (Ages 6-12 or 13 years) and EA/A (Ages 10-21 years)
Cross Categorical LD/EBD
Cross Categorical CD
Student Life and Resources
Recreation facility rivals Division I facilities
Weight and fitness rooms, pool, and field house

Division III and National Championships in baseball, basketball, football, wheelchair basketball, and gymnastics
Welcome to

The College
Undergraduate Research
Opportunities to work with faculty one-on-one

Opportunities to present research at a national conference
Athletics and Facilities (pg 24-25)
Academic Support Center / Tutoring Center (pg 14)
Center for Students with Disabilities
(pg 27)
Health and Counseling Services (pg 18)
Career Resources
(pg 22)
Smart Decisions
Great Opportunities
You Make

Teaching English as a Second Language
We look forward to having you on campus in the fall!
Endowed -- All majors
Curriculum & Instruction
Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching
Special Education
Licensure Levels
Computer Science
Math and Sciences
Special Education
Spanish Education
Bilingual/Bicultural Education
Special Education
Math Education
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Science Education
(Biology, Chemistry,
and Physics)
Admission to Professional Education
Admission Requirements
Admission Requirements (cont.)
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Complete a minimum of 40 credits
Pass all THREE Foundations Block courses and the associated Phase 2 portfolio.
*Early Childhood: 30 credits
*Early Childhood: NOT required
Field Components
What to Bring to This Afternoon’s Advising Session
Academic Advising &
Exploration Center
Sixteen professional advisors to assist freshmen and undeclared students with course selection, academic interests and concerns across all four colleges. If you have questions after today, feel free to contact us.
2054 Roseman
(262) 472-5220
Office Hours:
7:45AM – 4:30PM
Monday – Friday
AAEC Advising Process
Fall 2014
Sixty minute group advising meeting to start your semester strong with advising information such as important dates/deadlines and support services available on campus.

Fifteen-minute meeting to update student information, review AAR and discuss academic goals along with resources such as WINS, the undergraduate catalog, and the schedule of classes.

Thirty-minute meeting to discuss registration process and course recommendations for the next semester, along with degree requirements and University probation and progression standards.
Your Responsibilities
in Advising
Meet with your advisor in the AAEC twice during each semester. *Failure to do so may result in an Advising Hold on your registration. Make sure to bring your Windows to UW-Whitewater.

Ultimate responsibility for checking the accuracy of your Academic Advisement Report (AAR). Your advisor is a means of support and clarification to assist you as you navigate through the curriculum of the degree you are seeking.

Advisors are available during AAEC office hours. However, you are not limited to meet only during the required Pre-Advising and Advising appointments. Anytime for anything!
Advising Session
Explain advising terminology and procedure
Introduce WINS and registration
Select priority and alternative classes

Registration in WINS for fall classes in the McGraw computer lab
This Afternoon
Where to go for Advising?
Early Childhood (Dual), Elementary Education, Special Education, Business & Marketing Ed, Communication Sciences & Disorders, and Physical Education majors
The start to your success at UW-Whitewater...
Advising Jumpstart! (September 3, 4, and 5)
Pre-Advising (September 8 - October 3)
Hawk Squad will bring you to our room
College of Major
Committed to the development of professionals who are lifelong learners, creators of knowledge, and leaders of character and integrity.

Responding to the changing needs within our global society, our programs prepare professionals to actively engage in an open democratic society inclusive of diverse populations.

As a premier center for global learning, the College's focus on depth of learning and academic excellence provides our students with the requisites to be leaders dedicated to change in their communities.
Prepares the largest number of teachers in WI among 33 institutions!
Less than 2,000 students
Get involved...
Spring Break
Academic classes take place at UW-W followed by coursework at a destination in another state or country
Typically 10 days to 4 weeks of travel
Travel/Study Courses
International Experiences
Multiple opportunities for studying and service work abroad
Student teaching and field work experiences abroad
are available
December to
Apply online!
"Phase 1"
Please come see us after the presentation if you need to change your major before advising this afternoon
Helping You Achieve
Essential Learning Outcomes
Accomplished through your General Education component, Degree/Licensure requirements, and Major/Minor requirements using experiences inside and outside of the classroom.
Goals of General Education
Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World
Intellectual and Practical Skills
Personal and Social Responsibility
Integrative Learning
In High Demand
Field Experiences
Introduction to Education and Teaching
Field Study
Student Teaching/ Internship
From theory and research to practice and action
Sophomore or Junior Year
Eight complete school days (50 hours)
Observe and participate in classroom
Diverse student population
Junior and/or Senior Year
Typically morning or afternoon
Prepares for student teaching
Senior Year
Full semester, full day - about 18 weeks
Follow calendar year of school district
Must pass Praxis II (ets.org) and/or content exam
Must pass edTPA
*Passing a criminal background check is required prior to field experiences
Non-Licensure Programs also require experiences in the field, like practicums or internships:
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Health, Human Performance, and Recreation
Minimum combined cumulative 2.75 GPA
(*although some programs are much more competitive)
Most competitive programs
(and strongly recommended GPAs):
Social Studies (3.2 GPA)
Elementary Education (3.0 GPA)
Early Childhood Education (3.0 GPA)
Pass COMM 110
View Phase 2 information online "meeting"
View Phase 1 information online "meeting"
*Early Childhood: NOT required to apply
(but to graduate)
(pg 17)
(pg 16)
Windows to UW-Whitewater
PIP folder
know WINS login info.
Writing Utensil
Positive Attitude
7 Departments within the
College of Education and Professional Studies
Undergraduate Programs
Teacher Licensure
Education: Art, Business, Marketing, Early Childhood (dual licensure), Elementary/Middle, English, Math, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, Theatre, World Languages

Communication Sciences and Disorders
Physical Education: Health, Human
Performance & Recreation
All Secondary, Music, Art, and Theater/Dance Education majors meet with the College of their major
Student Clubs & Organizations
More than 200 available at UW-W
Club Sports
Performing Arts
Leadership Development
Faith Based
Mass Media
Special Interest
Specific to COEPS
(pg 23)
Accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
Spanish Education
Reading, Writing, and Math
(*Required to enroll in the Foundations Block)
Meet Wisconsin passing scores on all parts of the PPST (Praxis I), CORE, ACT, SAT, or GRE
Advising (October 6 - November 19)
Pathway for Success Programs
Students (with a purple schedule) will be advised by the Program advisors
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