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Athletes Lifestyle Factors

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Mohammad Burhaan Yamin

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Athletes Lifestyle Factors

Athletes Lifestyle Factors
Factors that Affect an Athletes Lifestyle Choices
In this Prezi presentation i will be talking about a professional athlete lifestyle and what are the main factors that affect him. in this Prezi will talk about David Beckham as an example of a successful professional athlete.
Leisure Time
Leisure time is the time the athlete has off his sport so when David Beckham is not training or in a match. So basically what he does in his off season. David Beckham has done some Charity work in his free time. He has also has done a lot of football promoting by going to areas of the world were football is not easily accessible. He is an international role model so when he goes plays football in poor areas he inspires the younger generation to play football. Another thing that David Beckham dose a lot is advertising for different sports products and other products. This is how he finances his extraordinary life. He likes spending time with his family and friends he has gone on holidays with them. There was a Documentary on BBC of his holiday with his friends traveling through the amazon rainforest. This holiday and other Leisure time activities gives David Beckham perspective of the world other than football.

David Beckham has a very strict diet due to the affect it could have on his performance. David consumes minimum amount of fat food items. He likes fish and chicken. The protein content of his diet mainly comes from chicken. David also has a lot of greens in his diet to give him enough roughage to maintain a healthy diet also to give him his vitamins and minerals. However in his off season he might have a drink or two but he does keep it on a low so it doesn't affect his body long term this is due to the fact that alcohol can really affect physical performance. When David is spending time with his family he does have ice cream and other unhealthy food but he doesn't overdo it. For a professional athlete diet is a very important factor and it can affect their performance in their sport positively or negatively depending on what their diet consists off. So David Beckham has a high protein and high vegetable diet in order to keep his lean muscular body. by keeping a healthy strict diet it keeps David Beckham fit and it gives him the right level of protein & carbohydrates to allows him to perform optimally.
David Beckham has a financial adviser to help him manage his income and various contract, his name is Terry Byrne is David’s friend and he is his personal manager and business adviser. David using his knowledge to help him organize and distribute funds. This is a really beneficial because some footballers go bankrupt due to over spending and bad investments. David Beckham plays it smart by getting specialist advice. As a result of the know dose many promotion of products for big company also he advertises his own brand of deodorants. Just last year David Beckham made £50 Million pounds earn though he is retired from professional football. In my opinion he plays it smart and has his financial matters well handled. by having a good financial state it affects David Beckham in a positive manner because this means when he isn't on the pitch he can live a life of luxury and stress free.
Even though David Beckham has now recently retired and that takes a lot of pressure of his back especially the high expectation that people have of his ability in football he still is seen as a role model and a big sports figure around the world due to this he is expected to always eat healthy food and to have a lean muscular body with no room for imperfections. He is expected to live the perfect life. So a perfect husband and father because he is still a really big role model. When David Beckham joined Real Madrid a lot of pressure was put on him because of the rumors that he was having an affair, this could have affected his personal life because he has a family and as a result it might have affected his performance mentally. Many fans and player aim to one day be at the same caliber that David Beckham reached in his 20 year as a professional football. At the start of his career David Beckham wasn't as good with handling pressure but know he has become very self confident due to his experience.

David Beckham wasn't always well behaved, respected and a big role model he is now. In 1998 world cup David Beckham cost England the chance of winning the world cup. Due to his childish acts he was given a red card and sent off. This made him the most hated footballer in England. No one expected him to go on and become determined to regain the nations respect. Some though that he wouldn't be able to handle the abuse and treats that were constantly made by the England fans. His perseverance and drive to improve and become the best he could be was unparalleled and though this perseverance he single handily made England get through to the final. He is a national role model for the chance he made in himself. His behavior affected his career massively and because of his change in his attitude it improved his performance because he was training harder and after this point his career shot off.
Rest Periods
Even though David Beckham has now recently retired, during his career David Beckham was a very hard working footballer. During his career David train long hours after everybody had finished. He did however have rest periods in the middle in order to take a break and relax. David Beckham was a very motivated and driven person however when it came to the less intensity of the off season David made the most out of the training sessions that where going on. so to conclude David dose like spending time with his friends and family when it comes to rest periods, however on the other hand when it comes to training he trains as hard as he can. his rest periods didn't affect his career negatively because he spent his rest periods appropriately. although after rest periods he did train twice as hard to get back to his optimal performance. his rest periods help him relax and get his mind off football. his rest periods give him time to spend with his family and live a normal life for a short period off time. i think that rest periods help athletes like David Beckham to release pressure and to calm down. so to sum it up the rest periods affect him positively. his career has been very sucessful and i think that the appropriate rest periods he takes are very good for his carrer because it helps him to recover and it allows him to play at his peek for longer when it come to his footbaal career.
David Beckham has used his rest periods to increase participation by going to remote locations and sport deprived areas where they are not aware of the sports as much. David goes to these locations to inspire many to play and take part in sports. He is also part of the sky sports academy which is basically an organization which sky that is helping young people reach their potential. David Beckham has been a positive role model throughout his career. His motivation and perseverance has insipid many to get involved in sports and live a healthy lifestyle. David Beckham has funded many sports organization and now he is organizing football clubs that he has made for people to get involved and to max out there potential.
Athletes Whose Actions Have Impacted There Career
Negative Impacts
Positive Impacts
Mike Tyson was a record breaking world Champion. Something that impacted his career negatively was the incident when he bit off Evander Holyfield ear during a fight. His inappropriate behavior cost him. He got disqualified and his 30 minion dollars were with head from him. For the fight. He didn't box for a very long time after this incident. So this incident impacted his career massively.
Zinedine Zidane really made a impulsive decision when he Headbutt a Italian player Marco Materazzi after being verbally abused by him. as consequence Zidane was given a red card and France lost there Captain and then lost the World Cup to Italy. this impacted his career because his reputation and respect went down. Also his relationship with his team was also affected. This mistake ended his football career
A Positive impact that Ronaldo has on his career is his creation of his brand CR7 through this he has financed his extravagant lifestyle so by having this clothing line he has become more wealthy. he also has inspired new generations to play football and buy his shoes that he wears. this makes his wealthy but also increases participation. so due to this his career has be positively affected.
Created By
Mohammad Burhaan Yamin

Importance of Appropriate Behavior for Athletes
Good Impact
So for example an Athlete like Gareth Thomson was outed as a gay player who has been putting up an act of being straight. This not affect his career because he confessed this after he retired. His behavior was appropriate and i think that by keeping it a secret he stopped the possibility of his teammates having problems with him and treating him differently. However i think that by having a good approach to admitting hes gay he has inspired players to not be imbalanced about the sexuality. However some could argue that he wasn't a good role model for gay players because he only admitted his sexuality after his Rugby career. But i think that not letting the fact he was gay affect his career shows great passion for his sport.
So for example an Athlete like lance Armstrong is well know for the 7 tour De France titles he held and the many millions of cyclist he inspired. however by him using and admitting the use of multiple performance enhancing drugs he has made a really big impact on his career. all his titles have been stripped from him due to his cheating. his inappropriate behavior has gave cycling a bad name and his response to taking the drugs was that everyone dose it' he is also currently still being sued for the money he earned from the many races he cheated in. He has got a lifetime band from any competitive level cycling. His public image has been completely obliterated, from being one of the most inspiring athletes to the most disgraceful cheats in the world. During his career he was a bully to many of the other people involved and also he was threatening towards anyone who try to accuse him of cheating. a Strategy he could have used to not affect his career is to quit while he was a head. It wouldn't have made him any better but he would have personally befitted from this.
so for example an Athlete like Usain bolt career was massively affected when inn 2005 he changed his couch who helped him reach top five in the world in 2005 and 2006. the big change of coaches could have not gone so well if Usain bolt didn't react and try to get a long appropriately . His good behavior has lead him to the undisputed olympic record breaking elite athlete he is today. So having positive behavior lead him to where he is today. His reaction to the injury in 2004 Athens
Good Impact
Bad Impact
Importance of Behavior
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