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Space Colony

No description

Ashley Porzel

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Space Colony

Saturn's Moon:
Titan In a 6th Grade
Space Colony Introducing
Team: AshKaKo Presented By: Ashley Porzel,
Katie Wilgus,
& Kortney Wilgus Coming Soon To
The Internet... Now For More Information
On Your New Home Continue
To Read This Important Message... Titans Surface A complex surface Mountains Marked by broad regions
of bright and dark terrain Active Volcanoes Includes Xanadu, a large,
reflective equatorial area
about the size of Australia Titan's Atmosphere Gravity: o.14 g-force Consists of trace gases 98.4% Nitrogen g-force is the force equal to the
force exerted by gravity 1.6% Methane Methane clouds getting air team ashkako is making four domes around Titan domes are up down right left of titan 1. send space ship to titan Rotation: 15.945 days 2. space ship sends a gigantic sealed lock containor filled with earth air Revolution:15.945 Days Facts About Titan Average Temp: -179*C, or -290*F 3. we will put the air into the dome 4. we will fill the dome with trees & plants 5.there will be a pump that pumps out the earth air into titan (the air will filter through the pumps so we will have to keep on adding air just not a lot) How will we get to Titan? 6. While we wait for the whole titan to be cleared with earth air the people will live in the domes. Streams of methane By Spaceship Our spaceship will be like... We will get water from the core that is made out of ice. Get food from plants that we are going to grow. What is our energy? Food and Water Fruit Vegetables Cattle We are going to bring cows to Titan to eat. Living Conditions on Titan our energy is earths trash ' Water is avaliable How will we change trash into fuel? We are going to plant our plants with soil and water. They will live throughout all of Titan. Who Are We Going To Take With us? There is lots of methane, which we can make fuel.
(cheap fuel) Family Members Workers Our Self Very Cold, but we are creating a bioshpere (dome) that will create heat. If this idea dosen't work we will use acid rain How Far From The Earth Is Titan? 1,201,200,000KMS 8.3AUS 746,391,076 Miles How far is titan form the sun? 1,221,850km. because it is so dark in titan we will have to put a gigantic heat lamp in the dome what is this picture? Thanks For Watching! We Hope We Can Accomplish Our Goal! How Far Is Titan From Earth?
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