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Mrs. Turner 3A Foods: International Cookin

Kira Armistead

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Egypt

Egypt A little info Climate: Mostly arid desert except near the coastal region (the Mediterranean and Red sea Geography: Covered in an immense desert that is cut threw by the Nile River that drains into the Mediterranean Sea History: First controled by individual pharohs then taken over by Persia, followed by Rome, then taken b Arab Caliphs, absorbed by Turks into Ottoman Empire which was later concured by France, then taken by Mohammad Ali (leader of Albanian soilders), next conqured by United Kingdom under Turk sovereignty, later seceded for British rule and became its own country Culture: Although the Egyptian people have a rich history,Muslim beliefs and philosophy has impacted the culture and have taken over the modern society Geography Due to the very very dry and arid climate of the desert, egyptians have been very resourse full with finding water. Mostly irrigating water from the Nile, or grow most of their food around their natural water sources, near the coast Climate Food production in the Egypt is limited to mostly Cotton, rice, wheat, corn, sugarcane, sugar beets, potatoes, onions, and broad beans Culture Due to the overwhelmin Muslim population in the Egyptian area, the Islamic views of socitey and culture have infused with Egyptian culture. Many Egyptians consider themselves Muslim. Arabic has been declared the national language Religion The Islamic culture has influenced the Egytian world Over 90% of Egyptians claim to be Islamic Other Info *** Egyptian Cuisine Size: 387,048 sq mi Quiz What's the main religion of egypt Name someone who has taken over egypt before What's the name of the river going through egypt Longest river that goes through egypt is called the Nile The Nile delta is where most of their food comes from How old is egypt??
- very :) What are egypts greatest land marks called Egypts greatest land marks are called Pyramids
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